Issues after updated firmware to V4.1.0.8 for ZP-IBI13-W


@racerfern, is Xeoma a third party tool that is installed on a seperate machine, or do you install it over the NVR firmware?

I was looking for something like this as an alternate option to test out, then revert back to zmodo software.

Would love to know how you’re using this


In my case XEOMA is a third party running on a PC connected to the same router. You can run it from anywhere except the NVR. The NVR has a custom and proprietary Linux operating system and if you wipe that out, you’re sunk.


Ok, I will try and call in tomorrow afternoon. I can actually see the all but one of the cameras on meshare with connecting by wireless, but can see they are connected on the NVR showing a black screen and the motion detection symbol in the lower left corner changes with motion. So it is getting into the NVR but the image is not making it. On anything that is wired with the Cat5e.


I just purchased a security camera for my neighbour. I’m an idiot for updating it too because as soon as I did I couldn’t use any 3rd party software to capture the stream. I can’t believe a company wants to ruin there name by forcing users towards there cloud service. Bad move. I rolled back immediately and to my surprise I have full access again. I just spent $600+ on a Synology NAS so I can use this camera to store the images/video. All those wasted unpaid hours of trying to figure out if it was my network setup or not. Thanks Zmodo.

Thanks everyone for having this information online, saved my behind.



I have four ZP-IBI13-W cameras. I can never view them on the Meshare app or Zmodo app as it always shows “Device Offline”.

Maybe if I updated the firmware this would change?

Does anyone know How and where can I download the firmware for the ZP-IBI13-W camera’s?

Or does anyone know why I get the device offline message. My camera’s are separate IP camera’s. They are not connected to a NVR. I record to the computer using the ZViewer Program.

I would like to use the Meshare app or Zmodo Apps (I currently view with the Zsight app) the others have a toggle to turn notifications off which I hope will work when on foggy nights I get numerous Emails from the swilling fog in the infra red.

Thank you,



I was able to get to a resolution after help from customer support at Zmodo. Even though they don’t like us rolling back firmware, it’s is the only way to get any cameras that updated firmware for IP cameras that use the RJ45 connection. Something to do with a port issue.

They have just found the error in the last few days and are trying to work a fix. The V…05 (old) firmware can be found on their website. Not hard to roll the firmware back, but could open your system back up to some security vulnerabilities.


Can you provide the link to the old camera firmware? There hasn’t been an update to the NVR software has there?


Links to firmware updates can’t be posted on the forum. We have had too many issues in the past with people getting the wrong firmware and bricking their device.

If you are interested in having support send you the link, please email us through, otherwise you can contact other users through private message, and they can send you the link there. I recommend verifying the model and current firmware version before updating. Bricking a device with a manual firmware push will void the warranty.


Updating my cameras to v4.1.0.8 has caused blank screens coming from the NVR (ZP-NE14-S). The cameras are still connected to the NVR, but there is no video. I can see video from the Zsight app which is weird since I cannot see it on my monitor connected to the NVR. I cannot see video on the meshare sight.

Is there an update for the ZP-NE14-S firmware from v40.0.2.7 to go along with the camera update?


Yes, there is an update for the NVR as well. You will need to apply that.


And that can be emailed to me?


That update should be applied through the mobile app, the same way you updated the cameras.

We recommend against using any manual updates for the system.


Also worth noting - rolling back the firmware on cams will fix the zviewer issue but the cams will no longer work on the mobile apps


I have to agree with the consumer notification. If I had known I was about to totally destroy my NAS and zviewer solution I would have opted out instantly. Everyone does not want to pay or use cloud based video archiving so why not release a variant of zviewer using the newer encryption??


How did you roll it back? This update made it so I can only view my camera through the Zsight app. I used to use it with my Amcrest NVR (ONVIF Mode) and now this camera is almost useless to me. It used to work really well. I need to be able to access the camera directly through the local IP, but that functionality is now broken. I’m not very happy with this update.


Request firmware from support or use the link in this topic but remember:

Also worth noting - rolling back the firmware on cams will fix the zviewer issue but the cams will no longer work on the mobile apps

So once you upgrade you are screwed on one platform or the other - by design of the manufacturer BTW


It’s pretty straightforward to roll back from V4.1.0.8 to V4.1.0.5 with ZVIEWER

Email zmodo HERE: [Email Support or live chat with zmodo support]( )
Give them your device ID & a short explanation of the reason you want to rollback.
If you prefer use the live chat at the same link as i did! they sent me the download link instantly, & i was able to view my cams in my Blue Iris software once again.

Once you have the software downloaded, either remember where it was downloaded to or move it to the desktop for simplicity sake.


STEP 1: Open Zviewer
STEP 2: On the left hand side of the window in device list you will see your cam IPC-192-168-1-?? RIGHT CLICK with your mouse
STEP 7: Another pop up box will open…LEFT CLICK “left hand box with the 3 dots” browse for the software you downloaded & click on it



Yea becareful with the update. These guys are not very smart and doesn’t consider the ramifications.
They think that they can do all cloud service. they don’t understand that in australia. the upload speed for internet max out at 1mbps. if you got 4-6 cameras. Good luck with your cloud recording.


asked to send me V4.1.0.5.
waiting for more than 1 week but till now nothing.:rage:


Have you received the old v.