Issues after updated firmware to V4.1.0.8 for ZP-IBI13-W

My camera is ZP-IBI13-W, and I am having following major issues after upgrading the firmware from V4.1.0.5 to V4.1.0.8 via meshare app:

  1. No more live view in Zsight app.
  2. No more live view in Zviewer PC client. so, I cannot record video on PC anymore.
  3. RTSP stream doesn’t work anymore, even via a direct LAN connection.

Any idea or solution would be appreciated!


I got the same issue this evening. Updated the camera via MeShare and bang no more video in Zviewer. Cannot record or do anything.Its completely rendered useless after the update. I want to roll it back to v4.1.0.5 but Zmodo does not have the firmware updates available for download. They need to make all firmware updates available for cases like these. Not having is a security risk to all if you count on your camera to for survellience of your house or business.

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I think their aim is to phase out the older app (ZSight) which I also find useful from time to time. ZSight allows you to view and connect to a different wifi network from the app without the need of a pc.

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From the development point of view, it seems that Zmodo software release management is very bad and reckless. Consequently they have often caused a lot of trouble to users.

Just a few suggestions for Zmodo release team:

  1. Improve your QA process (particularly for regression test), and make sure each release wouldn’t affect basic functions.
  2. Provide release note which should briefly describe what improvements/fixes are provided.
  3. Build a release repository and make it available for users if they want to roll back to previous versions.

Wish Zmodo would take some actions to improve their software.


I use Xeoma third party software to view my cameras so I haven’t upgraded fearing the new FW will not allow access.

Many files and firmware versions are available at filesdotzmododotcom. I have never used one of these and I have no idea what would happen if someone tried to revert to one of the previous firmware versions. UAYOR


Thanks @racerfern. It’s good to know that. But I wouldn’t take a risk for that neither.

I called Zmodo support and they said there is a vulnerability with post 8000. They said they are forcing everyone to use the sites (Meshare/Zmodo) to view wireless cameras. They are not going to remediate the issue in the future. I am getting the roll back to the prior version for now. I would not update any wireless camera if you plan on using Zviewer. If you update you’ll get blocked from using Zviewer. This is really upsetting that they don’t let consumers know this in advanced.

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Thanks @darthsupreme for the info. May I ask how you’re gonna roll back to previous version? Did they give you something to roll back?

The update is specifically designed to introduce an encryption that blocks a couple of noted security vulnerabilities, most obviously, the issue with port 8000. It is intentional that this also causes the PC Zviewer software to stop working.

All devices are being updated in order to be as secure as possible when the Cloud recording services are rolled out. Any devices without the encryption will not work with the cloud services. There will also eventually be an update to the mobile apps that will prevent non-encrypted devices from being viewed on MeShare and Zmodo.

We recommend against rolling back to the less secure apps, since they are less secure, and support for them will be phased out. If you are still interested in rolling your device back to the less secure firmware version, email our support team at with your device ID, and we can send you a link to download the older version.

Do not post your device ID on the forum.


Hello @nopoint, is your camera model “ZP-IBI13-W” or “ZP-IBH13-W”? Thanks.

Model ZP-IBH13-W
HW Ver 799990092
upgraded to and rolled back to v4.1.0.5

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Awesome, thanks for that @nopoint!

@revtec426: I concur.

Regarding their reckless and upsetting update with V4.1.0.8, I have just rolled back to V4.1.0.5 as well (with @nopoint provided link), and my camera details are:

Model ZP-IBI13-W
HW Ver 799990092

Just learned a lesson: be very careful when you upgrade your cameras with their recommended version, as they may do something secretly that you wouldn’t really want.

So are you saying every camera I have will not work with my NVR, zsight, and me share sinc I updated firmware on the NVR and it updated each (6) cameras firmware and now I just see Video loss.

Is there anyway to get my cameras back up and working.

Zmodo ZP-IP13-W and Funlux ZP-IP13-W (both wireless capable but wired with cat5e and sPOE Zmodo IBH15-S1, Funlux IBT15-S.
Firmware, V4.0.1.8

Firware, V45.1.0.13

I don’t understand what you are saying.

Updating the cameras should not affect them connecting to the NVR, and all versions will be viewable in MeShare.

No, ma’am. The only cameras that show up are model ZH-IXU1D-WAC. None of the other cameras now show any image. Just video loss across the nvr. On zsight and meshare it just times out with error through the the NVR Connection.

There hasn’t yet been an update for the wired sPoE cameras, and the cameras we have here with the update still work with the NVR.

I am guessing that something else has happened to cause the disruption in your video signal.

I am able to see camer 7 on my nvr which is the wireless one above. The others show device offline, but they are up and running. Before the upgrade to Firware all 8 cameras were fully functional.

I can see the wireless only camera on all applications, zsight, meshare app, meshare online and the nvr itself

All other wired cameras have no video feed

It might be that the camera IP addresses have changed. Try deleting the cameras from the NVR menu, and checking to see if they repopulate.

There are other issues with the network or NVR settings that can cause the issue you are describing, so I would recommend calling our phone based support if that doesn’t resolve the issue.

We are available from Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm CST, and can be reached at 217-903-5037.