Issue with playback


On 3 out of the 4 of my cameras when playing back there are gaps in the recording (grey areas in the bar for a number of hours where recoding is suposted to be)I have normal recording set.1 camera’s recording is fine though. Model is zp-nl14-s. Photo attached of the issue!

Any help on this appreciated - this how it has been straight out of the box 2 months ago and has never worked properly



What firmware is the NVR running? Are the cameras wired or wireless? What is the model of the installed hard drive?


My ZP NL14 with wireless cams has had the same issue you are describing since new. My issue is 2 of the 4 cameras having recording gaps instead of your three. The two that I get gaps from are only 12 and 18 feet away from the nvr. Not sure what hard drive mine has, it’s whatever came installed from the factory.


Systems do not have hard drives installed at the factory. The hard drives are installed by the seller, or sometimes at the shipping facility.


Ah,I did not know that. I purchased mine from EZoomTek on Amazon. I’ll look and see what the drive is. Thanks


Cheers for the replies - all my cameras are wired Poe. I’ll need to check the other details. But the nvr has the latest firmware.


Good luck. I have the same issue and have been dealing with it for at least a year. Night recordings when the IR lights come on have no issues. Some days it records great other days it’s very choppy. I have given up on support and have learned to deal with it.


Yes I have pretty much given up on it too. Mine also work perfectly at night without interruption. During daylight hours on sunny days I’ve noticed it’s worst. Thing is the 2 cams that are 45-50 ft away from the nvr are perfect without any issues. It’s the two that are 12-18 feet away that have the problems.
The drive installed in my nvr is a Westen Digital model. WD5000LUCT-63C26Y0
Hardware: 799990315
Version: V43.11.1.08


I guess I gave up on the recording gap problem too soon.
After the latest nvr and camera updates all my cameras are recording 24/7 without a single gap. Thanks.


wow - excellent - I’ll try updating the cameras. I’ll report how it goes


What update versions are you using?


I believe the nvr is updated to V43.11.2.02 and the cameras are using V7.8.1.26. I’m sure this could vary depending on your equipment. These are the latest updates for the models I have and I must say that I’m impressed with how well the system is working now.


These are my version numberszmodo versions
Model is ZP-nl14-s

I find this nvr and its cameras very troublesome.

  • I have accessed my individual cameras in the past via IP - and now I cannot log into them. It seems the is missing from the camera and unable to be downloaded. I have tested this on 3 browsers - blank screen upon login - does anyone have a copy of this file?
  • the other issue is that my email alert setup has completely stopped - there does not look like there is even an option in the software to edit this now?? It appears its completely missing from the software?

Now where do I update the firmware if I can’t log into the cameras? Hmmm


You’ll find it’s probably the most recent firmware “push” that (a) disabled Lan access to your system and (b) removed email alerts.

Welcome to our world.

I have the functional firmware for ZP-NE14-S but not your ZP-NL14-S. Contact Zmodo support and ask for the firmware.


After the zmodo app update, my cameras motion detect only give pictures once every so often ( within the app). I get a push notification - but no image.
My devices appear offline far more often now.
Gaps in recording are still present ( it seems like it is only my outdoor cameras and the indoor works fine) - possibly light/heat issue - who knows as the seem to record perfectly when its dark.
I am extremely disappointed in this product as a whole. CCTV should not be a product that requires this much ongoing fiddling (possibly at the setup stage only) it should be set and forget.
I have bought a whole new setup with another brand and removing the Zomodo system. I can’t even be bothered to get my money back as the whole process has been a waste of my time. I really hope for zmodos sake that this is just a faulty product and hope most of their products work as their should.