Is it possible to shorten the ethernet cable provided by Zmodo?


Dear Zmodo community,

Is it possible to shorten (cut) the provided by Zmodo ethernet cable and use a crimp tool to connect a new RJ45 plug?

I am asking this because:
a. Zmodo’s cables are not standard ca5e cables and I’am not sure if it is easy or possible to exposure the individual pins in order to plug a new RJ45.

b. The nvr system I bought comes with data cables having RJ45 on the one side and micro USB on the other.




I’m interested on your question, I’m very curious why zmodo don’t provide a little adapter to convert rj45 to sPoe (micro usb plug)… (I hope to prevent some possibile damages if do change the correct cable schema)
If you read this guide

can find:

Warning Cutting the end off of a camera or cable will VOID the warranty on that item. Warning

In this way I don’t understand if it possible or this invalidate the warranty of the cable or the complete kit…


Hi esaone,

Since we do not have the required micro USB to RJ45 adapter I asked Zmodo’s support to provide me, the required by the new cameras, the micro USB pin outs. I got the response saying that the support will ask the developers and get back. I will report on this issue as soon as I have their response.

I am reluctant to cut the data cable since:
a. I don’t know where to buy a new one, if something goes wrong.
b I am not sure if I would be able to strip Zmodo’s data cable as an cat5 or cat6 in order to exposure the individual cables (to be able to attach a RJ45 connector.



Here’s an example of what it would have to be. Several types with specific product compatibility are on Amazon.

Here’s a link to one that appears to be generic:


I have already tried out 2 of these adapters.
They didn’t work.


I am also looking for shorter cable or adapter because my Network Connection is in addition to the cameras.




It is ridiculous…The Support told me:

“We currently do not have a Pinout diagram for the micro usb to ethernet.”



I suppose they have sub contractors to develop the products. Zmodo seems to be the marketing company only.

I suppose they have sub contractors for developing their products. Zmodo seems to be a marketing company only.


I had a problem with one of Zmodo’s cables the last couples of days. Lost connection very often.
Since I didn’t have something to loose I tried to change it to usb - ethernet converter.

Cutting the cable and exposure the individual pins to attach a new RJ45 an easy process, however should be done with little care since it is thinner than the typical cat5e and the cover material is different. The attached pic shows you how it looks like to exposure the individual pins of your Zmodo cable.

Works pretty well. Therefore I made 4 micro usb- ethernet converters from Zmodo’s cable and use my own (ethernet) cable to connect the cameras.


Hi everyone…i am new to this forum. As per my experience there should not be any problem if you shorten the ethernet cable provided. Increasing or deceasing the length of ethernet never effects the operations. But ensure that the connections must be right.

pcb assembly


If you read carefully above you will realize that it is not about ethernet cable.



Do you have a pic of the adapter you made? Where did you get the female Ethernet part of the adapter?



I’m surprised that they only have 2 pairs in these cables. Probably why the cameras lag. At least have 2 pairs for data and a 3rd for power.


@cokey Micro-USB only has a 5 wire Pinout. Typically the 5th pin is used as a ground.


I bought a new Gen 3 camera to replace a bad Gen 1 camera so I needed to cut off the USB and put on a female RJ45
I opened both cameras to verify pin layout since colors were different. Below are pictures of the Gen 3 camera inside and the female RJ45 I mated it to.

I bought a RJ45 jack from Menards, the camera wires are very thin so I needed to strip them longer, fold them in half and put a thin solder coat on them. I was then able to press them into the RJ45 block, snap the cover on. and coat the whole thing with liquid tape (a rubberized paint)

From Camera to Female RJ45
Green wire to RJ45 Pin1
Brown wire to RJ45 Pin2
Blue wire to RJ45 Pin3
White wire to RJ45 Pin6



Zmodo recommends strongly against cutting the ends off of the cameras.

All products have a minimum 2 year warranty that is entirely voided by any permanent modifications to the camera.

There is no need to cut the camera.
There are adapters that you can use.
You can also terminate your own adapter.