IP's deleted from my camera's

I have lost my IP addresses from all 6 of my cameras and I don’t know how to set them back up on my cameras. Can anyone from the Zmodo team or a user help me with my problem? please reply. I was on the verge of buying several more zmodo cameras until this problem occurred. My cameras are useless at the present and I really need them for home security. They were working great until I lost the IP’s. Thanks for any help… Ray Wallace

It is my understanding that all devices are assigned IP address and don’t suddenly loose them. The addresses of my cameras change sometimes. I installed a router analyzer app called Home WiFi Alert on my Android phone so that I can identify all of the devices on my router. If your cameras were deleted on your Zmodo app, they will not appear anywhere.

den, thanks for the reply. I completely lost all cameras from my Zmodo App. I have tried many options in trying to reinstall them to no avail. I uninstalled the original Zmodo App that I was using when I lost the Apps. I think a house electrical outage zapped the app and it caused the lost my cameras and maybe the information contained in the cameras. I have explained this to Zmodo Support until I am blue in the face. They seem to be incapable of providing a solution. Everything they have suggested has failed to get the cameras reinstalled. One suggestion they offer was for me to use the QR code method to reinstall the cameras. Not possible because cameras did not have a QR code attached when I purchased them. Zmodo just seems to repeat what is in the user manuals/sheets. Of course, they were the first things I referenced when I discovered I had the problem. Does anyone know how I can contact a person of higher authority that I might communicate with about my problem?

I finally got all six of my cameras reinstalled on my Zmodo App thanks to Frank Fang Zmodo Support group. I used the scan QR code method using the cameras as a scanning device. It took some patience on my part because at times the cameras failed to read the code. But kept trying until my camera read the QR code correctly and connected to my Verizon 7730L jetpack router/hotspot device.

All the cameras are up and running again and providing great security coverage for my property. Turns out it was not an IP related problem, still don’t why I lost the cameras from the Zmodo App.

The only negative thing I have to say about getting my problem solved is that the User Manual should be rewritten to explain better the method of scanning the OR Code as an option of installing or reinstalling cameras.

Again my thanks and Appreciation to Frank Fang Zmodo Support Group.

If you are using a Jetpack, that will cause the camera connections to be sketchy at best.

Surveillance equipment should never be connected to a hotspot.