iOS 10.2 issue with all modo apps

since updating my iPhone software 2 days ago to 10.2, now the apps won’t connect. app operates normally until you try to view a camera. thinks for a few then says “connection failed” if you connect to wifi its perfect. i have t-mobile if that helps. i use modo, meshare, and zsight,…all have the same results

Support has confirmed that the Zmodo, MeShare, and Funlux apps connect normally on iPhones with iOS 10.2. Our testing was successful both on WiFi, and on mobile data. The carriers that we tested for mobile data were Verizon, and AT&T.

If there is an issue between the apps and the iOS 10.2, it would have to be carrier specific to t-mobile.

Same thing happened for me


Is your phone carrier also t-mobile?

yes I am Tmobile also…thanks

I am having the same issue and am on at&t. My cameras have not been connecting in the zsight app since I upgraded to 10.2.

The Meshare app was crashing and wouldn’t open since upgrading up iOS 10. I just uninstalled and reinstalled it, and am able to connect to each of my cameras in Meshare. I uninstalled and reinstalled the zsight app, but it still won’t connect to the cameras. As the OP stated, everything in zsight works until you try to view a camera. I immediately get the connection slow error. My wife has not upgraded to 10.2 on her phone, and is running 10.1.1. She can view the cameras in zsight.


We recommend not using the Zsight app.

We have now confirmed, there is a carrier specific issue related to the iOS 10.2 update.

iPhones with iOS 10.2 on the T-mobile networks will not connect through the Zmodo or MeShare apps over mobile data. They should still connect without issue while on WiFi.

Once we are able to determine what is causing the issue, then we will be able to determine an effective course of action.

The Meshare and Zmodo apps are working fine for me. I didn’t even realize the Zmodo app existed. I don’t think it did when I originally purchased my camera system. I’ve always primarily used Zsight, and occasionally Meshare whenever Zsight didn’t work.

Any news on the T-Mobile 10.2 fix

Any news on this issue. I also have T-Mobile and updated to IOS 10.2. My wife’s work fine with IOS 10.1.

I’ve got nothing yet. Still checking a few times a day for the “carrier update”. How about patty from zmodo. She is usually on top of stuff

You would think that 12 days they could figure this out I notified them about the issue in November while on beta

At this point, since the issue is carrier specific, and only applies to iPhone on the 10.2 iOS, they are having difficulty isolating the cause for the issue.

is there something that can be fixed in the app as a workaround? or any workaround?

still nothing on my end

Spoke to tech about issue will wait another month for fix, if theirs no solution I will purchase another brand DVR.

Can someone please help me view my alarm pictures on app? First know I’m not a technical person so I hope to convey my issue appropriately. I can see LIVE VIEW of my zmodo cameras via zsight app, but all ALARM pictures are blank. This happened which I tried to share management to my husbands phone. Previously everything was fine - live view and pictures of any alarm in my gallery. Tried to share management, now pictures are blank. Basically rendered it useless unless I’m sitting and staring at my live view. I’ve tried to chat with support and was told to call USA phone line; i called and there is an 84 minute wait…what!!! Hoping someone on this forum can assist. Thank you in advance.

Her haw! Just downloaded funlux app and I can now watch live feed from T-Mobile iPhone super happy!