Installation Problem


I received my mini wifi camera’s today and right off I have an internet connection problem. Following the quick start guide I get to step 5 and I am stuck there.I selected ZMD_SAP and it connected and shows it was was saved. My SSID shows in the list of networks and I select it. It connected without a password and is continuing o do some kind of search.Step 6 directs me to return to the Zmodo app and select or enter the SSID and password.How do I get to the screen in step 6 as I am stuck in step 5. I use a Verizon Jet Pack MIFI for connecting to the internet. Would appreciate some help please. My camera powered up and has the flashing green light. I am going to research Znodo site for information about my problem/s.


I resolved all my problems. The Quick Start guide is very vague (at least to me) on connecting to the internet. Wish I knew the function of ZMD_SAP. Anyway my system is working great. I have not mounted my camera’s in their final location yet.