Increase the recording time

How do you increase the recording time?
The device captures only 20-30 seconds of the footage, so how do I increase the time so it will capture all the footage when that someone is in the house?


The free basic plan will only save small clips from the past 12 hours. There is no way to change that. The only other thing you can do is subscribe to the 7-day plan for $4.99 a month and you will get continuous recording for 7 days prior.

Will the clip covers like 15-20mins of the person in my house?

It records 7 full days, not only the alarm, so yes, you will be covered (or buy the NVR and have it without the monthly fee)

Buy a larger hard drive.

Where can I get the NVR and how do I hook up?


And where do you hook up the hard drive?

Open the base unit, The hard drive just plugs in.

You can purchase a NVR online (e.g, at Amazon).

You didn’t mention which cameras you have, so I can’t advise as to a specific one to purchase.

One thing I will mention is that even if you have wireless cameras you can use a wired NVR. Also, you may find that you can purchase a complete system (NVR + cameras) for less than the NVR alone, especially if you catch it on sale.

I have Zmodo 720p wireless cameras, but ended up purchasing a Zmodo 720p NVR with 4 sPoE (wired) cameras for less than I could purchase one of Zmodo’s wirelss NVRs at the time.

So why can’t I point all the video files onto my host instead of using zmodo cloud?

There should be a setting where you point the path to … …

I have Zmodo EZCam the older version one that I screwed up on my front door so I can see who is coming but it only takes 35 seconds of the footage like …someone knocking on the door…I want to see the whole action while s/he is in front of the door for 3 mins.
So how can can the video be stored.

I have 2 Pan&Tilt cameras and I like it because I can rotate them…again, how do I capture the footage longer than 25seconds?

Only 2 ways, either paying them the cloud subscription or purchasing a NVR
And no, you can not point it to save stuff in your own servers or NAS or anything like that. Thanks zmodo!

There are definitely more than 2 ways. Depends on how creative you are.

Cloud and NVR are just the easy ones.

The Zmodo PC software works well enough. It can be set to record. It is just resource intensive.

Alternately, stream the video on a virtual machine, and then use video capture software to record that.

@looneytick that only works in older devices. New devices unfortunately do not communicate with any other device on the LAN. Zmodo PC soft does not work anymore on them (blocked by firmware due to a security breach, long story that you can find in the forums)

Check for the other versions of zviewer that aren’t a publicized. The majority of devices and firmwares record just fine to certain revisions of the softwar, it is just finding the right one. The only exclusions are the devices that have odd viewing angles like the greet or sight.

Also still doesn’t prevent the live stream to VM with video capture. Honestly that is going to be the best option. Or just get a PC capture card, and wire the NVR direct to that.