Ideas for viewing NVR Cams on Internet TVs


Hello, I have installed the Gen 3 NVR and SPOE Cameras. Specifcally: 8 Ch NVR (ZM-SS7009D8-S) and the outdoor Bullet IP Cameras (ZM-SS78D001-S)

I thought how great it would be to flip the remote in the bedroom TV and see the outside cameras.

I know people say use your Phone. My phones (along with many other people I know) aren’t allowed in the bedroom, dinner table or at family conversations, etc. This is becoming the norm as we progress in technologies from recommendation of professional family counsel, medical doctors, etc.

However, my wife and children should be able to monitor outside cameras from the convenience of Internet connected TVs throughout the house. We (as many do) have Internet TV available in the living room, den, bedrooms and kitchen, etc.

When you are out of town, coming home late or whatever, wouldn’t it be great to allow your family to see what that “noise” was on the outside of the home easily on any TV with Internet Access?

It may save hours of trial and error for myself and others reading if there is a recommended or a tried proven path. Has anyone used things like an iPhone or Android Emulator on a TV with Internet Access? It seems these emulators should allow the ZSight APP for the NVR Systems and possibly the MEye APP for analog systems.

Things that are tried and proven?
Please share your experiences. Feel free to elaborate.
Thank you in advance for your input :slight_smile: