Ideas for viewing NVR Cams on Internet TVs

Hello, I have installed the Gen 3 NVR and SPOE Cameras. Specifcally: 8 Ch NVR (ZM-SS7009D8-S) and the outdoor Bullet IP Cameras (ZM-SS78D001-S)

I thought how great it would be to flip the remote in the bedroom TV and see the outside cameras.

I know people say use your Phone. My phones (along with many other people I know) aren’t allowed in the bedroom, dinner table or at family conversations, etc. This is becoming the norm as we progress in technologies from recommendation of professional family counsel, medical doctors, etc.

However, my wife and children should be able to monitor outside cameras from the convenience of Internet connected TVs throughout the house. We (as many do) have Internet TV available in the living room, den, bedrooms and kitchen, etc.

When you are out of town, coming home late or whatever, wouldn’t it be great to allow your family to see what that “noise” was on the outside of the home easily on any TV with Internet Access?

It may save hours of trial and error for myself and others reading if there is a recommended or a tried proven path. Has anyone used things like an iPhone or Android Emulator on a TV with Internet Access? It seems these emulators should allow the ZSight APP for the NVR Systems and possibly the MEye APP for analog systems.

Things that are tried and proven?
Please share your experiences. Feel free to elaborate.
Thank you in advance for your input :slight_smile:

Since you dont “Allow” phones in the bedroom… Which I dont see it any different then having a TV. Use a Tablet since you cant make calls or text on it… IF that is what your concerned about . Your a Adult… You can have a phone in your bedroom… Actually… I find your post a little silly if you ask me… Another option is add a wireless NVR to your TV which also runs off the same cameras and you can see them on your tv if you switch to another Video input.

Not to judge on your post but you can view the cameras thru a internet connected tv. The method I use is with a Fire TV stick. There are a few different programs such as “IP cam viewer” which will allow you to connect and view the cameras. All you need to know is the IP address of the camera. It won’t allow you to connect directly to the NVR but you can connect and view each individual camera.

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Thanks for the kind, open minded and informed reply.

I have been looking at Internet Connected TVs.but not ready to upgrade as of yet. Also looking for other accessories that will connect to wireless Internet and allow Mobile APPs to be installed. I think this is what you are doing with the Firestick. I will research more on this and the “IP Viewer APP”. Thank you!

On a side note, I see more and more medical professionals are recommending not to use hand-held blue-light devices (cell phones, tablets, notebooks, handheld devices, etc.) in dark rooms. The difference is HAND-HELD. This information is already known for those who read and are well informed. I think more will be wanting to do this same thing.

Thanks is advance for more intelligible input.

Hi dakol, how can connect to the cameras with IP cam viewer?, i have a IP but do not have ports use and do not have username and password for individual cameras. only for NVR but dont work
Zmodo do not have a app for android TV or fire TV compatible, do not interest in this problem