I can connect to DVR when I'm at home, but not when I'm away

I am able to view my cameras when I am at home, but when I am at work it stops connecting.

If you have a P2P DVR or NVR (a unit with a QR code), try rebooting the DVR/NVR. If Zsight still won’t work remotely, you may need to contact Zmodo Technical Support.

If you have a non-P2P DVR/NVR (any unit without a square QR code), you will need to Port Forward through your router to allow you to be able to see your cameras when you are not at home. A tutorial can be found here --> http://kb.zmodo.com/NetworkTutorial/landingpage.html

Even with the QR code port forwarding was necessary for me. Google port forwarding for your router for directions.


One good site to use for port forwarding instructions is PortForward.com just be sure to skip past the places where it tries to get you to purchase software, that isn’t needed.