I bought a new panda to add to my current zmodo kit. I powered it up but it's not broadcasting get the ZMD_SAP

I’ve rebooted the router and that network still not showing up. Panda blinking green.

You got a new panda? What kind of device is this?

Zmodo Wireless 1080p PT Smart HD WiFi IP Two-Way Audio Camera with Night Vision
Zmodo Wireless 1080p PT Smart HD WiFi…

You could maybe try doing a factory reset, then power it on and see if the wifi appears.

So you ARE seeing ZMD_SAP???

If yes, just follow the setup in app.

No. Not showing up at all. Even after power cycle to camera and router. 2.4ghz net with 5ghz turned off.

The ZMD_SAP comes from the camera, so you would see it even if the router was unplugged, as long as the camera is plugged in.

Check your phone’s wifi settings, or try another phone, or have it replaced.

I suggest try adding the new camera using QR Code; it’s a way to configure the newer cameras with your WiFi password.