How to see 720 on Kodi ( Xbmc )

Simple question, how to see the video (and audio maybe) from a
Zmodo 720p Mini WiFi Camera

on a XBMC system ( Kodi on a Raspberry pi) ??

Thank you.

didnt know this was possible. following in case there was an actual viewer for this.

Mind you, now that I think about it, if you have an android box, and you’re running kodi through android, as I am, you could theoretically try to install the zsight.apk in the background and port it through.

Otherwsie a browser may be your best bet. not sure if there is an IP cam app for kodi

I run with a Raspberry-pi , with kodi in stand alone.

And there is not yet an app for Kodi, this will be cool.

you may want to try this out:

I knew I’ve seen something like this before, just never had a use for it. But now that you’ve got me thinking about this, I’ve been wondering if there were a way to use a raspi (while I also have kicking around), to use the doorbell as a trigger to display the front door camera on the tv screen if its active.

I have been trying to get a mjpeg feed as well from the Zmodo Mini WiFi Camera, and haven’t been able to get one. Has anybody else had any luck?

At this time I try differents thing to do it.
Nothing work.

And Zmodo tech service can’t or don’t want to help.