How to reset NVR and start over

I have a Zmodo 720p HD WiFi 8CH NVR Outdoor Weatherproof Video Surveillance Security Camera System 1TB Hard Drive I bought from Amazon. I have 3 routers in the house. 1 is my main router, RT-AC5300 and then 2 RT-N66R’s wired and set up as Access Points. Everything was working great until I had to send one of my cameras back because the picture was purple. So I got the camera back and tried to add it back to the NVR and it wouldn’t work. I rebooted the NVR and then lost 4 of the cameras. I was able to get 2 more of them back and then add them to the Zmodo app on my iPhone. 2 of the cameras show solid blue lights but I can’t get them added back to anything. Now I have only 4 cameras showing on the NVR monitor. If I go to the NVR on the zmodo app I can see the 6 cameras I had connected before. Is there a way to reset everything and start over? I don’t see reset buttons or pin holes on the cameras so I don’t know how to make this happen.

I have sent 3 emails to support over the past week and have not received a response. I hope someone can help.

Been a week and no response from support. I have been promoting these cameras and this company for years now but I am starting to get a little frustrated.

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I still can’t believe no response from support. I even tried to chat feature on their web site and nothing, it just clocks…

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If you are wanting to contact support directly, the fastest way (even with the long wait times), is by phone.
We are available from Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm CST, and can be reached at 217-903-5037.

The forum is typically geared towards user generated content, and while I do try to respond to threads that are unlikely to generate a user response when I have a chance, typically Zmodo support’s interaction on the forum is focused on moderation.

To reset everything,
Check to verify that the NVR is wired directly to the device that is providing WiFi to the cameras.
Then press and hold the reset pinhole on the back of the NVR for a full 30 seconds.
The NVR will then send a reset signal to any wireless Zmodo product on that wireless network. The NVR will also reset itself.
Check the indicator lights on the cameras. They should be blinking green, which indicates that they were successfully reset.
Complete the setup process as indicated in the quick setup guide.

The program ZBatch will do a factory reset all Zmodo devices on the network including the NVR. Ask for it. You might want to have your router provide static IP address first so the devices get the same IP address back after the reset. Thank can make reconfiguration easier.

I used Zbatch to do a reset and now I am unable to re-add the cameras no matter what I try. Just get the flashing green LED, never finds the network or network doesn’t find camera. The app will sit there spinning all day if I let it. Any ideas?

I haven’t used zbatch, but I reset my nvr without removing the camera’s first, maybe the biggest mistake? Well now 6 cameras I had set up before do the same thing; blinking green, but no connection wifi connection appears from the cameras and they just keep blinking greenas if they are ready to set up. I’ll probably have to make my own post for this, and by the sounds ofit RMA it.

Are you still having issues with getting the cameras back online (LEDs blinking green and never get to solid blue)? I had the same issue and found a work around after ZMD_SAP didn’t show up.

I am having this issue. Can you please share the workaround you found?

I kinda had this same issue, but I needed to switch the WIFI my cameras were using. Use IPCSearch on a PC connected to whatever router the cams are on. You will be able to switch the WIFI to whatever one you want by right-clicking the cam and selecting networking, then click WIFI then you might have to refresh the list, after you find the one you want to connect to, double click it and enter the pass, then click on establish connection and wait. It will probably say there was an error but give it a minute and it will work!

I have the Zmodo kit with the NVR and 8 wireless cameras (4 interior, 4 exterior), an Android phone, and the Zmodo app. Here’s the process I used to get around the missing ZMD_SAP.

  1. Reset the NVR - you’ll need the NVR cabled to the WiFi router and powered on for this step. On the back of the NVR is the reset button. Using a paper clip, hold in the reset button until the LED on front of the NVR goes out. Release the paper clip and check all the wireless cameras: they should be blinking green indicating that their IP addresses have been released; if not, repeat the reset. All the WiFi cameras need to be blinking green before continuing. Once the reset is successful, power off the NVR.

  2. Connect your phone to the WiFi network open the Zmodo app. Inside the Zmodo app, remove all devices: My Devices -> Edit -> click on a device -> click on the 3 dots -> Remove device. Repeat.

  3. Inside the Zmodo app, add back all the cameras using the following method:
    A. Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner
    B. Click on “QR Code”
    C. Click “Start installation”
    D. Click “Next”, “Next”, on the 3rd screen enter your WiFi password, click “Next”
    E. You’ll now see a QR code. Hold the phone 6-8 inches away from the first camera and watch the camera’s LED. It should start blinking blue, then turn solid blue. WAIT for the camera LED to go solid blue before moving the phone. The solid blue LED indicates that the camera is now connected to the WiFi network. Go through the next screens to name the camera and opt in/out of the cloud storage.

When you get back to the main screen, you’ll see the camera listed. Repeat the QR Code process for all WiFi cameras. After all cameras have been added, you’ll want to configure the modes BEFORE turning on the NVR. From the main screen go to “My Modes”, then “Edit”. Select one of the pre-configured modes and set the camera attributes: Camera On/Off, Alert On/Off, Share On/Off. At this point you can set camera level controls. Here’s the kicker: after you add the NVR back, you lose the ability to set camera level controls. After the NVR is added, you only have mode level control but all your camera settings are retained. My suggestion is to configure the modes, turning cameras and/or alerts off depending on the mode and add new custom modes if the supplied 4 aren’t enough. You don’t need the NVR for the cameras or alerts to work; play around the mode settings for a week or two until you’re happy with them then turn on the NVR. Once the Zmodo app detects the NVR, it’ll automatically add it and fold all the cameras on the network into it.

After adding the NVR, if you don’t like the way the cameras are configured, you can use this process to start over. Enjoy.