How to reset camera

So I just got the zmodo camera ZB-IBH-15-W. One if the cameras keeps disconnecting. It’s a solid blue light. My assumption is I connected it to the wifi router and not the beam which is much closer. If I’m not mistaking I think all I have to do is reset it and reconnect it to the beam wifi. But one problem is I can’t figure out how to. There is no reset button hole on the cameras.

So how do you reset the camera so I can connect it to the beam wifi. Thanks for your help.

Resetting isn’t what you need.

If you power the camera down, and then back up, it will connect to the stronger signal.

It’s interesting I have the beam closest to the camera and my greet yet when i power off and back on they still don’t connect to the beam. I also have the power level set to max on the beam. Is there a way to force my devices to connect to the beam. I know the beam is more powerful as I’m using a signal strength monitor to check.

On the signal strength monitor, what is indicating that the signal is coming from the Beam?

When I’m closest to the beam it’s showing at least 10dbm stronger signal then my router.

Should I just go out and get my own repeaters? I’d still like to know you to reset the cameras.

You have to use the ZViewer software to reset the cameras.

If you are only getting 10dBm stronger, I would recommend moving the beam farther from the router.

oh ok so then ill try the zviewer software. The beam is the furthest it can be from the router, right next to the camera. Is there a way to force it to connect to the beam? Thank you for your advice and help.

How far is the camera from the router?
The Beam and router have the same SSID, so there isn’t a way to force it. If you are only seeing an improvement of 10dBm, that would indicate that the Beam is really close to the router.
What is the exact signal strength at the camera when using the Beam, and what is the signal strength at the camera when the beam is unplugged.

ill get the exact numbers but in the mean time i try to connect the cameras to zviewer and not all the cameras show up, when i manually put in the ip it shows login failed, and one of the ones that does show up when i goto the settings it wont get into it and says login failed? how can I get past this?

I really recommend against using the Zviewer software

Then how can I reset the cameras?

As I mentioned previously, resetting isn’t what you need, and won’t resolve the problem that you are having.

You might try older versions of the Zviewer software.

Again, I don’t recommend doing any of this. The only way resetting the cameras will help is if you accidentally connected the cameras to a network other than the one you think you did.

for one of the cameras i did connect it to the wrong network which is why i wanted to know for at least one of them.