How to get audible alert sound when motion is detected?

I am in the process of testing my my system but I don’t get an audible sound for alerts. Found several references to this problem, but no solution found in reading site information. I am using the mini camera’s .

What type of phone are you using? Usually alerts will use the notifications sounds set by default on your phone.

Thank you. I am using a Verizon LG G3, I will check the phone notifications sounds. Could you answer another question for me? I plan to share my system with my wife who also has the same phone. Do I have to install my security camera’s on her phone. I know she has to install the zmodo app and she has, but she can’t see the camera’s on her phone. Appreciate all the help you have given me. I am a little slow as I am 86 years old.

No problem, the easiest way to share the system with your wife is to sign in with the same username/email and password you used to sign in on your phone. So just download the Zmodo app on your wife’s phone and try to sign in, all your cameras on your account shall appear on the new phone and all notification alerts shall replicate in both phones.

Don’t count on getting alerts on your phone. I got alerts for years, but about 6 months ago, they stopped working for some reason. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S8.

I went back to an older version of the app to get my notifications back.

I have a 5 year old phone, that was been out of use for those 5 years. It doesn’t get notifications anymore and it hasn’t been used or updated in 5 years. It got notifications when I used it, and my new phone got notifications when I first started using it, but all notifications stopped around the first of 2017, Customer service will tell you that their notifications work, and they don’t understand why you’re don’t, but don’t plan on your’s ever working again. And don’t fall for that "just install old software and it will work again.