How to delete account from ""?

Setting up my “USER.ZMODO.COM” account I had initially set it up using the cell phone login option. Later for security reasons, I thought it would be a good idea to add the “EMAIL” login option as well. Upon completion of that login setup, I was greeted by a screen that informed me that “No device is connected to Zmodo!”. I saw no warnings that indicated (YOU MAY USE ONLY ONE LOGIN METHOD.)
Apparently you are not permitted to have two login methods to the same account. The system creates a NEW empty account, even though both login’s are for the same system, just different login methods. So now the “email login” takes me to an empty web page with no devices, and no way to tell it it’s the same as my “phone number” account. It views the login’s as two separate/different systems!

I see no way to DELETE the (email address) account. Only change password option. The account is useless and not populated with my systems devices, and no way to point it at my system too populate it!

Thanks for your time and consideration…
Mike H

You can share the devices from your main account to your email account. But you will only be a user with the email and admin with phone number.

To delete it just send me an PM with the email address and I can pass it forward to our server team.

Thank you, that explains what I could not figure out. So the email account is/will be a “shared” account.

Mike H

Am I able to transfer my account that I signed up with the devices with my phone number to my email account which I view as more permanent? There should be an automated and convenient process for doing this.