How to adjust wireless camera dome angle view?

I have a wireless camera dome ZP-IDP15-W, Could you tell me how to adjust the angle view.

Remove the dome cover as seen below by twisting the outer part anti clockwise. Rotate and tilt the unit to the desired angle replace the dome cover. The lens angle is fixed.

I have a similar camera (ZP-idq13) SKU ZM-ss76d001-s and I can’t figure this out.

There is no twisting the outer parts. Is there a tab to push or something else?

i’m almost fixing to return all of these if I can’t get the dome cover off easily. I have
four of these, and there is no twisting to seperate the halves…



@GregHBNA I had a look on your model dome cam, look similar to the one that I have, see mine here:

You can’t twist this one to open it, I used a large flat head screw driver to pry it open, there are two groves on mine at the point where both half piece of plastic meet, where I place the screw driver, twist it and gently pry it open.
Please be gentle and if possible use something else other than metal to pry it open.
Good luck.