Help No Playback. Can not retrieve video from 2017


Hello I hope someone can help. I have a ZM-SS7009D8-5 V43.91.1.04 with a 1TB sata drive. I have a few dates I need to look at from Nov. 2017 but when I bring the date up the calendar dates are not blue and it says no video available. The drive has data on it. Can some one tell me what I need to do to retrieve and view playback?



Depending on your recording settings, and the amount of motion that the cameras are seeing, it is very likely that any recordings for 2017 have already been overwritten by now.

On an 8ch system with a 1TB hard drive recording 24 hours per day every day, typically you get between 7-10 days.

This time is extended by having fewer cameras, less motion, or changing your recording settings.

The basic recording setting only records 1 frame every 5 seconds when there is no motion, and then 30 frames per 1 second when there is motion. It can extend the recording time by months depending on how much motion there is.


Thank You for your reply.

I was only running 2 cameras. Prior to end of 2017 I could look back for over four months. I’m not sure what could have change other then the year… could it be an issue with a firmware update? And if so could rolling back to prior allow playback?



There isn’t anything in any firmware update or system error which could cause older existing files on the drive to disappear while leaving current files visible.

With 2 cameras on 1TB, if you have 24/7 basic recording, typically you would see about 4-6 weeks depending on motion. If there is very little motion it might go longer.

If you have intelligent recording enabled, the length of recording time will be entirely based on how much motion the system detects. That can lead to changes in how much system history is available based on motion detection.