HDD will not refresh or format


After several years my hdd will not refresh or format. It seems to be stuck in the 2gb overwrite loop? I select the hdd and hit format. It says its done after about a minute but still shows less than 2gb remaining on a 1tb drive.
zmd-dx-sin8 Anyone have a clue on what to do? I have unplugged, rebooted, and nothing but count down from 2gb.


I had a similar issue.

On my ZP-NE14-S I had to remove & plug the drive into a Windows 10 box and reformat it there.


How did you reformat to Linux in win 10? Or does the zmodo see it and reformat to Linux after what you did?
Hey zmodo folks…been 3 days and not a peep out of any of you. Just like the good ole days I see.


Just banged it in Windows 10, reformatted to NTFS then replanted it back in the NVR.

See here:


I will give it a try with windows 7 this weekend.
Not getting email alerts telling me someone has responded here either.