Hard drive says it formats

I followed the menu option to format the hard drive. The DVR acts like it formatted the drive, but when the system restarts it says the drive needs to be formatted again. This cycle continues constantly.

If you installed the hard drive yourself, make sure you used one that is DVR or Video rated. Computer hard drives have a much higher power consumption, and are not compatible with Zmodo systems.

Mine just started doing this also. 2TB came preinstalled from kit purchased at best buy

If the hard drive was preinstalled prior to purchase, or you are using a video rated hard drive (such as Western Digital - Purple or Seagate - Video 3.5), you will want to check the SKU number on the bottom of your DVR and the Output on the power supply for that DVR. Every Zmodo DVR has it’s own power requirements, and the problem could be a wrong or malfunctioning power supply. If the DVR, and therefore, the hard drive, are not getting enough power, it may not format, or it may take several tries to format correctly.

It finally did format correctly (after 5 tries of failed formats and reboots). Does this mean the problem is likely fixed as it formatted correctly or will it suddenly requests formatting again? If it does require formatting again does this mean I need a new power cord?

Unfortunately, this will probably happen again or the DVR may inexplicably stop recording. What is the SKU number of the DVR, the capacity of the hard drive, and the output rating on the power supply for the DVR?

SKU = ZRY00062614072311289
Hard Drive = 2TB
Output rating = 19v


That is a 4ch sPOE system and it does have the correct power supply. Keep an eye on it. If it stops recording, suddenly says “No disk”, or asks you to format again, I would create an RMA on zmodo.com. http://www.zmodo.com/rma

If its the western digital brand it comes with a 2-3 year warranty for the disc drive!

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I had the same issue, I called the Zmodo tech support, they said my Surge Protector is the culprit. I connected directly to the outlet, no longer I have issue. Now I use a 4320 joule energy rating Surge Protector, no issue. Basically it needs more power. Do not connect other devices to the surge protector.

I had this issue also. Replacing the power supply helps in most cases. In my case, the power supply was going up to 6 amps! Am surprised the box survived. Check your power supply with a meter. It will fluctuate amperage wise but should not go ABOVE 3.5 Amps or 20 volts.

Try a new SATA cable as comunication is corrupting disk or not even comunicating properly