Greet takes 30 to 120 seconds to ring my phone

I recently upgraded my phone from an LG V20 to a Samsung Note9 and whenever my Greet doorbells rings, I do not receive the ring on phone until 30-120 seconds later. I had received rings on the V20 within 5 seconds. Obviously, this isn’t very useful. I reinstalled the app. I cleared the app’s cache and deleted the files. Nothing has helped.

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I have the same slowness. In fact, notifications can sometimes take 5+ minutes to arrive in my case.

Didn’t upgrade my phone, but I do have a Samsung. Wondering whether that’s a red herring, though. My hunch is the service is simply underperforming.

I wish support had some idea’s to troubleshoot. I guess I’ll have to call since they haven’t responded online. I did also upgrade my routers at the same time as the new Note9. That could be a contributor , as well. I doubt it is something with Samsung devices. Strangely, I have a Chromebook with the App installed and I get the notification there just fine. This lead me to believe it isn’t the routers.

Have the same issue for the past few weeks. Also have an LG V20 which I haven’t upgraded :slightly_smiling_face:

It must be Zmodo pnone app issue which I recall had a recent update.

The updated app appears to have improved the delay. It’s back to 5-7 seconds, which was what it was originally.