Greet echo/feedback/reverb in partially enclosed porch


My biggest issue is my Greet is setup in a vestibule like porch area. As a result, I get this terrible feedback whenever I use the Greet speaker and Greet microphone simultaneously through my phone. My Samsung S5 is the worst with it being nearly unusable, while my older smartphone is somewhat tolerable. Can you improve the app to reduce this feedback? It’s not high pitch like what you get with a speaker and microphone feedback, but goes from small crackle to cacophony in about 2 seconds, ends up sounding like dogs barking very loudly. I can provide a video of the problem if it is helpful for diagnosis. Or, perhaps have added option to mute microphone while speaker is on, like a walkie-talkie.

The other issue I have is that when I type in to name the device, it echos back the complete name and there is no way to edit it thereafter correctly (for window and door sensors). So, I type back but it gets named bbabacback. I tried on multiple devices.