Greet Doorbell only rings occasionally when button is pushed


Our Greet Doorbell only occasionally rings our phones when the button is pushed. Our phones do receive notifications for motion and when the doorbell is rung. Everything else works as it should. What can we do to make the phones ring every time the doorbell button is pushed? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


I have the same issue with the Greet Pro I just installed 2 weeks ago. Very unreliable to say the least, and at $200.00 unacceptable. Tech support confirmed my iphone had the correct settings, but I’m still having issues


Contact the smart home support line for help troubleshooting.
We are available from Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm CST, and can be reached at


Sounds dumb but power down your phone completely then power up. That fixed that same problem on my pixel 2.


Thank you @Impact9 ! I will give it a try.