Greet Doorbell causes door chime to buzz/hum loud and continuously. HELP!


My transformer is actually putting out about 18.5 volts so I’m assuming this is why I’m getting the buzz. Will a 10 ohm resistor wired into the line between the transformer and the chime fix this?


Did anyone get this resolved. I have the same issue that everyone else is having


After reading all the postings in this forum, we gave up on trying to get rid of the doorbell’s hum. Appears that this is a defect we just have to live with. Fortunately for our home, the actual chime box is located far from the main living areas… With that said we do enjoy our Greet Doorbell. The ability to monitor all the packages delivered during the holiday season was great. Even the UPS drivers appreciated the added security of video documentation of their deliveries…!


Just bought and installed a Ding doorbell and we’re experiencing this same issue: the chime buzzing continuously, and when the included “power accessory” is installed, then the chime doesn’t sound at all.

Are there any updates on how to correct this issue?

Thanks in advance.


I received a suggestion from Zmodo on different wiring techniques. I don’t know if thisGreet_Pro_connections works since I am not sure enough that I know how to wire them. If anyone can try them, let us all know since this problem has not been resolved. The Power Accessory is NOT a very good solution.


Someone asked what is inside the Power Accessory. Here is a teardown picture.zmodo_(Ding_Home_Package)_-_Power_Accessory

The batteries will wear out eventually. We need a REAL fix to this problem that is more than 4 years old.


Here is another wiring diagram sent to me untested by Zmodo tech support. Anyone want to try it?ClABQVlaZIWAZG2JAAD_wB4R0m8256


The real fix is to correct the issue causing the buzzing.

It is either a mismatch in power, or a wiring fault. It isn’t the Greet.

I have installed a LOT of these, and that is always the issue if there is a buzz.

If you can’t correct the issue, buy a video doorbell that doesn’t route through your household chime.


There is a new product: a zmodo Greet Universal with an indoor doorbell chime unit. Bet it doesn’t buzz.
I wonder if they will sell the chime unit alone?


The normal Greet won’t work with the Greet Universal’s chime.

The greet universal uses DC power supplied by the power supply, the Greet uses AC.


I’ve had the unit over the summer, but was unable (like most folks) unable to eliminate the buzzing, even installing the supplied “power accessory” provided when I received the unit. Installing the power accessory just kept the Nu Tone doorbell from ringing at all!

What I did was order a 10-Ohm ½ Watt 5% Carbon Film Resistor from Radio Shack on-line, item #2711101 (5-pack), for $1.00 (plus shipping). That means each resistor cost $.20.

I simply wired one resister between the “transformer” and “front” (rear not used in my installation) wire terminals:


The unit now works with no buzzing; the hammer does not move on the spring until the Greet doorbell button is depressed.

Hope my experience helps others…


Fantastic! This will probably help because it SOLVES THE PROBLEM. Something Zmodo has not been able to do. I solved this problem the expensive way - I purchased a Zmodo Beam unit that has an undocumented (in the sales info) feature: it has an internal chime unit. As it turns out, it also makes the Zmodo network much larger. It was easy to configure with Zinc and there is an option to turn on the Chime. It has a slight delay from the press of the doorbell on the Greet unit, but it does chime. Now we have 2 solutions for the buzzing problem that is more than 2 years old.


I just confirmed Ron’s solution works for me. Thank you, Ron. You’re a genius!

What an easy, $1 fix.


Not a genius at all - just somebody who likes a challenge (and a little luck).

I’m glad somebody was able to duplicate my finding/solution (now where is my Nobel prize :slight_smile: ).

  • Ron


Ron’s fixed worked for me as well! It reduced the humming to where I can only hear it if I put my ear up to the wall. Perfectly acceptable. Thanks Ron!


Worked like a champ for me. Got mine off eBay.