Greet Doorbell causes door chime to buzz/hum loud and continuously. HELP!

I just installed my new Zmodo Greet (older version) following instructions of video and directions I found. Not my first Zmodo product, and i know sometimes they can take patience. But, after install, my Greet causes my door chime to buzz/hum loud and continuously. Two wires from original door bell are connected to back plate of Greet. Chime does not ring properly inside the house. Work perfect with original ringer. Help!

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We have seen this happen for a couple of reasons.

One possible cause, if the 2 wires from the transformer go directly to the Greet, and then to the chime, instead of one of the lines running through the chime, and the other directly to the Greet.

Another possible cause, if the chime requires using a specific voltage(Many chimes require 16VAC), and you are providing a voltage other than that.

Both of those issues can be resolved by adding a 10 Ohm resistor between the transformer and the chime.

Perfect. I will try that and respond back with my findings. Thank you. Also can you reply to my pending post about the download update issue.

Fix the buzz, and then try the update again. You don’t want to try an update if there is any question about power.

Then you may want to call our phone support, as troubleshooting would require letting us know the device ID, which you definitely don’t want posted on the forum.

I am also having the same problem with my zmodo greet. It looks like my transformer is a no.590 5VA 10V. Is this the correct transformer I need or do I need to replace it?

Mine was doing the same. I did take the cover of the “Chime” and dust it. The hum us gone. However, it’s only been a couple of hours. I’ll report back after a few days.

Nope, cleaning only lasted a day or so. It’s back humming. Looks like I need to find the 10 Ohm resistor.

Since my May 16 post, we have developed a power accessory that works to resolve the buzzing issue experienced by users whose transformer is not putting out the chime required voltage.

If you purchased your Greet, and didn’t get the power accessory (also known as a noise corrector), please contact our support team directly with your purchase invoice, and we can have a power accessory sent out to you.

what is the customer service number?

For smarthome products it is 217-693-5706

Is there a way to get it to work with an electronic chime as that is what I have with a regular wired button?

Thank you, just talked to Jim and he said they’ll work to get out this accessory. I appreciate it!

I just installed the old model greet along with the power resource at the chime. When the power resource is installed the house chime doesn’t chime. If I remove the power resource, it then chimes. But then as stated in the above posts, it starts humming.

I did go back and reread the instructions for installation and I have it installed correctly. I also made doubly sure no wires were touching the chime.

Any ideas as to why I cannot get the chime to work when the power resource is installed?

Where/how are you installing the power accessory?

What is the output from the transformer and what it the input required by the chime?

I’m installing it at the chime according to the power accessory instructions.

I’m not sure the answers to the second question. How do I check those?

“According to instructions” does not answer “Where/how are you installing the power accessory?”

If you are unsure how to describe where/how the power accessory is installed, please include a picture.

To find the output on the transformer, you will want to read that information directly off of the transformer. To find the input required by the chime you will want to read that information directly off of the chime.

There is no indication on the chime what the input requirement is.

Here’s a pic of the installation at the chime. Note that I’ve also tried switching the wire placements on the power accessory.

I’m still trying to locate the transformer.

Ok located the transformer. Here are some pics.


Any suggestions? The transformer has 16v and 10VA on it (see pic above). Can’t locate ANY input requirements on the chime (shown above).

Your wires aren’t labeled, and are all the same color. I’m concerned that they could possibly be crossed.

Also, the chime should have a voltage requirement indicated there. If the problem isn’t resolved, there may be an internal wiring issue.

We can always set up an RMA to have the Greet come back to be checked, but generally the Greet would not be the issue.