Greet Android App Crashes when Doorbell Button Pressed


Installed and working, but…

97% of the time when the door bell button is pressed, the Zmodo and/or MeShare app crashes. After crash can open and use fine, until the next time the door bell button is pressed… repeat.

Happens on two phones:
-Droid Turbo 2 Marshmallow
-Samsung S7 Edge Marshmallow

Anyone have ideas?
Any other android apps that work with Greet?


What is the version of the MeShare app? Also what is the firmware version of the Greet?
Does the issue happen while on mobile data or while on WiFi? Who is the cell carrier?

Could you explain the crash in more detail? For example, do you receive the ring and then have it crash?

I am unable to reproduce the issue, LG G3 running Marsmallow


Greet version V5.6.1.4
zmodo version
meshare version

Happens on local network wifi AND mobile data (verizon).

-Someone presses the doorbell button.
-Greet device plays it’s doorbell sound.
-House wired doorbell(s) ring normally.
-If phones are in use (screens unlocked), an error message pops up immediately, without any notification sounds at all, saying “zmodo or meshare app has stopped responding… send feedback - yes/no”. I send the feedback.
-If phones are idle (screens locked), nothing happens at all on either of the android phones, no notification sound at all. I wake up screens on android phones to find the messages saying “zmodo or meshare app has stopped responding… send feedback - yes/no”. I send the feedback.
-I can then open the zmodo/meshare app and can see the camera, everything appears normal, but person at the door is long gone.
-If I look at the “Alerts” in the zmodo/meshare app, it shows that there was a “missed call”.

Next time the doorbell is pressed, the same exact thing happens again. I have missed 100% of real people at my door. The only time it works is if I am testing it, then it might work 1 time out of 10.

In about 14 days I will have to return this product unless something is done about this.


May have had a break through. Posting this for anyone else who has this app crashing problem…

When I setup the Greet and Apps on the two phones, I used the same MeShare account on both phones. The reason I did this was because the instructions for sharing devices with friends was so strange that couldn’t figure out how to do it. I’m actually kinda surprised using the same login would cause such issues on a device like this and that there isn’t a warning about it the user manual. Also wondering why emails from “tech support” never asked whether I used the same MeShare account on both devices.

I’ve only tested this theory for a few minutes, but so far the app is working on both phones for 3 doorbell presses. I hope that was it!


I was able to test your issue, with the additional information, I am able to confirm that the Greet is likely to have issues if you are using the same account on multiple mobile devices remotely when the button is pressed.

We recommend using one account per mobile device, and sharing the device from the primary account to the secondary accounts,


Well, so much for that theory. Signing in as different users on each device has not made any difference whatsoever. App crashes every time the door button is pressed.

Good bye zmodo.


I have not been able to reproduce the app crashing when logged in from multiple accounts. The greet in our office is connected to 5 separate accounts on 5 separate devices, 3 on WiFi, 2 on mobile data, and I have pressed the button in excess of 50 times, without reproducing the crash. If I use the same account on any 2 or more devices, all devices sharing an account will crash.

I would guess that the device you are using has another device logged in on the same account at the time of the app crash. You might try changing the account password, which should log out any device that is inadvertently still sharing an account.

You should also call our support, and we can help troubleshoot the issue. The Smarthome phone line is available 8am to 8pm CST Monday through Friday, and can be reached at 217-693-5706.


I have not experienced this crash with the latest firmware. However, I experience frequent crashes while going to different modes, such as switching to cloud. In addition, there are times when my connection to the Greet times out and cannot be established.

My biggest issue is my Greet is setup in a vestibule like porch area. As a result, I get this terrible feedback whenever I use the Greet speaker and Greet microphone concurrently through my phone. My Samsung S5 is the worst with it being nearly unusable, while my older smartphone is somewhat tolerable. Can you improve the app to reduce this feedback? It’s not high pitch like what you get with a speaker and microphone feedback, but goes from small crackle to cacophony in about 2 seconds. I can provide a video of the problem if it is helpful for diagnosis.

I am only responding here since I do not have new post creating privileges yet.