Got an email today from Zmodo


I got this email fro Zmodo this morning, and I am not happy at all about my equipment being forced to update again.

Dear valued customer,
Thank you for using Zmodo, we hope you’ve been enjoying your device.
We have an exciting firmware update available for your eligible Zmodo device(s) that will bring improved connection speeds and stability to live viewing and alerts.
In order to receive this update, please update your Zmodo app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store if you haven’t already.
The app will prompt you to update your device firmware when you open a live feed. You can manually install the update following the procedure here. Your device may also receive the firmware update over the air automatically during the next couple weeks. You must have the latest Zmodo app to connect to your device after it receives the firmware update.

Please Zmodo - leave my stuff alone! I don’t want anything to change, as I finally have it working across the board.