Getting the best from Motion Detection

When you receive your NVR the setting for the Motion Detection is defaulted to High sensitivity, in most cases this will be too sensitive and you’ll be receiving alerts for the slightest movement.

To change these setting go to the Main Menu bottom left of the screen and open Event Manager > Motion Alarm. From here you can make a selection of how sensitive the movement will need be to trigger the Movement Alarm. The settings are High, Medium or Low accessible from a dropdown menu. I’d suggest all are set to Medium to start with. First select the channel you wish to work on from the Channel dropdown menu then make the selection to the sensitivity and then Save your selection before moving on to the next channel.

There is also another option available to determine how Motion Detection is activated in the area inside the frame where the movement will be detected. This is achieved by selecting, on preview only, opaque squares over the image of each camera. Movement in the area defined under any of these opaque squares will trigger the movement alert. Clicking on any number of the opaque squares will close the opaque square and disable movement detection at that point from triggering the alert.

The default setting is movement anywhere in the whole frame will trigger the movement detection alert. Because of this default setting there is a tendance to turn off detection in areas where movement is creating a false trigger, whereas a better way of looking at the setting procedure is where you should mark a section that an intruder must pass to gain entry. In this way you can limit the chance of a false alarm.

Looking at the pic below of a lane; the intruder has to pass through frame left to right to gain access. The movement of trees in the corners of frame produces false alarms. Pic A shows the thinking behind defining an area for no detection of the trees. Pic B shows the thinking behind defining an area for detection of the intruder.

Keeping your active areas to a minimum will reduce the number of false alarms.

Reducing the Contrast and raising the Brightness in the images produced by your cameras will also help in limiting false alarms triggered by Motion Detection.

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How do you setup a schedule for everyday motion detection recording? I select then save but it never saves the everyday option.

What is the model of the DVR? Tag should be on the bottom of the DVR if you don’t know what you have.

Its a NVR zp-ke1h04-s . No matter what I try it will not save every day (the whole week) I can select it then save but when I go back in to check they are unselected.

May sound like a silly question, but you are saving the changes you make on that channel before moving on to the next channel to make a change, and not saving once only after the final change ?

When I select “all days” the selection boxes change color and there is a save button in that window which i select, Then I also select the save button for the channel.Then move to the next channel. If I go right back to check any channel in the day selection window all the boxes are cleared for selection again. I have tried each channel for all days and they all clear my selections. I have tried in the nvr’s local admin settings and on the web interface neither one will save my selections.

How about just trying a setting for the absolute minimum, 1hr of one day on one channel and see what we come up with?

No problem saving for just one day. But if I select the one day then try to select all days it wipes out the one day setting.

Update: After a second test I could not get even one day to hold when setting. I believe I have the time set for 24hrs but maybe not? The last time motion controlled work was on 3/8 and I lowered the sensitivity because channel 1 was flooding my box. After that they stopped working even after I set them to high again. No channel has sent an email since. Couldn’t get all the cameras to send emails too just two.