Gallery for video and snapshot clips

I have the pan tilt camera’s. I can not find the gallery (where video and clips are saved) that is suppose to be under the events. Where is it?

All of my saved pictures and videos are stored in a folder named Zmodo on my local storage on my tablet. It seems like it was once stored in the Gallery of the app.

Thanks found it. I can see images but can not play video’s. Guess need to find an app for them.

In the Zmodo app, go to Me, then to gallery.

Actually, on my Zmodo Android app, nothing gets saved to the Gallery. Perhaps if I was paying for the Cloud service it would be saved within the app.

When you are watching the live image and tap the picture of a camera, that snapshot is what is saved to the gallery, also if while viewing the live image you tap the camcorder icon, the video that you take stores to the gallery.

That’s the ticket. Thank you!