Frequent messages in log modem

My first post here.

I installed a Zmodo ZM-SS818-HD-1TB Full HD 1080P Camerasystem.
It works fine and I can also view the cameras in ZSight on my phone.

But, in the log of my modem I see every 5 seconds (!!) an notification which notice that there is a request to my NVR.
Can anyone explain why this happens so often?

The NVR is sending a DHCP request to the DHCP server to check if it is still there (specifically, the NVR sends the discovery packet, and waits to see the offer packet. The request packet is never sent).

This allows the NVR to maintain local viewing and connectivity in the event that the router goes down.

Is there a way to disable the frequent request?

I wonder if turning off DHCP by setting the NVR to a static IP address would do the trick.

Nope, packets still coming.