Firmware for ZP-IBH13-W with support for RTSP


Is there a firmware for the ZP-IBH13-W with support for RTSP? I’m using this camera in a disconnected environment, so I’m not concerned about security in this case. I also understand that I will be voiding any kind of warranties by using an outdated firmware.

I’ve asked for this firmware through the e-mail, but they’ve sent me the latest firmware for this device (v8.1.1.26) which has no support for RTSP.

The camera is currently running on v7.8.0.24.

Thank you!!


The last series to support a direct RTSP stream was ended a few years back. There were hardware changes implemented that make it impossible to revert the cameras to the older firmwares.


Hello Patty. Thank you for your prompt reply.

Do you at Zmodo know of any other way to create a bridge between this camera and a RTSP client, by any chance? Or, alternatively, can I receive the video from this camera by any protocol other than the Zmodo proprietary protocol (ZSP, if I recall correctly)?

Thank you!


There isn’t a real, functional way to stream using any protocol other than the proprietary ZSP.

Theoretically if you have a spare computer, and a capture card for the computer, you could log into the website and open the video there. Then you could use the capture card to capture the video stream, and rebroadcast it over an RTSP stream. This isn’t a real solution though.


Hello Patty! Just FYI, I finally managed to get a RTSP stream from the ZP-IBH (AKA ZM-W0007). I’ll not share how I did it here - and I didn’t have to crack or reverse-engineer anything - but I’ll say this: maybe Zmodo could release an executable to be copied to the JFFS2 fs that would provide the RTSP stream. The solution I wrought is related to the live555 library. Having an official solution (even an unsupported one) would be great! Thanks!!!


Am interested. Pm me please.


I have two of your H versions and 1 of the I and am concerned about security. This is not a disconnected system as they are attached to the gBit LAN that my systems are on. I am not using WiFi. Looking at device properties I do not see anything like your v8.1.1.26 and all systems run that (v)4 that I remember upgrading to at one time or another.

I am not using Zmodo’s NVR and use another, open system app as I have cameras from other manufacturers. I wish to lock down these cameras. I can access the cameras from anywhere in the world by using my account at zmodo. That means the admin id and passwords are stored at Zmodo’s server. I cannot find a way to change that user/password combo. I can easily add additional users and change the existing “admin” but there seems to be a primary user / password that probably is designed to be used by Zmodo’s NVR. I have not found a way to change that. I can neither delete it nor change its password using Zsight (iOS) or any version of Zviewer for windows.

Can you provide any insight on this problem? I see you mentioned you are not concerned about security in your case, maybe you know something I dont.

Where you ever able to change the primary username / password?

Where you ever able to access the camera using http or any other protocol to its IP address other than Zviewer or Zsight?

Thanks for Looking


What is the firmware version on your camera?

It isn’t the camera’s admin account which is used to access the video stream. It is a user account, when you add the device to your account, you choose the password and the device ID is the username. You can modify the password using the settings in the Zmodo app.

Additionally, if you remove the device from your Zmodo account, then that information is removed from the Zmodo server, and the device will not be able to be accessed remotely.


That is very trusting and naive as well. I have had my credit card info stolen at various sites in the last couple of years. Who is to say your server is secure? I cannot rely on your network security to protect my password list. I have 14 systems here doing crypto mining and recently noticed 3 probes on one of the systems. The probes originated from france and I am in usa. There was no record in the router syslog of the intruder. I cannot account for how the intruder got in and am looking at all possibilities including your camers.


Most of those rely on exploitation of a default passwords, or sketchy phishing websites.

The Zmodo cameras do not have a default password. You create the password during device addtion, meaning that bots can’t just run the default password. Each device has the ability to have a separate password.

The servers themselves have the same level of security used by bank servers.
The Zmodo device and apps connect to the Zmodo servers using bank-level AES 256-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS). All video and pictures are secured with 256-bit symmetric-key encryption, and can only be viewed from the Zmodo mobile app and web app when logged in with your unique username and password.

For optimal security, make sure that your Zmodo account password is strong and make sure that you create a device password when configuring your devices. You should also set a strong password for the WPA/WPA2 encrypted WiFi network that your devices are connected to.

Note: If you change the password for your WiFi network, you will need to reconfigure all of your Zmodo devices.