Firmware Downgrade availability - ZModo Support BROKEN

Hoping someone can help me as ZModo don’t seem to be able respond. I am in Australia and their number here just goes to a message bank. The Chat service will not give me the information I need and simply tell me to email support@.

I am in need of the “downgraded” firmware for the following models…
Model ZP-NJ14-S
Model ZP-NE14-S

Like everyone else who has their unit “Upgraded” I can no longer use my units with IE.

Message me with your email address - I can supply that

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Shambles I am in the same situation, no reply from support and the help desk has excess 1 hr wait times.
I do not seem to have the ability to message. Could you provide assistance with the file for Model ZP-NE14-S? Much thanks!

Send me a message with your email address.

May I have the older firmware?

Send me a message with your email address.

Link sent - good luck with it.

Thanks a million for the file. My playback on my pc and device works now. I downgraded the firmware and reformatted the HDD. My front panel LEDs still don’t function but as long as I can playback video with no problem little things like those can be overlooked.

Hi, my upgrade of the firmware means that the latest version zviewer (.16) won’t let me connect the cameras, so I have to install an old version (.10), register the cameras then upgrade keeping the settings and then I can at least see the cameras and the recordings. Also zviewer doesn’t remember the cameras in the opening display so I have to add them every time I open the software. I was forced to upgrade to zviewer version .16 because version .10 wouldn’t let me play the recordings from the device. So, basic question, will the downgrade stop these problems or do you think I have something different to what is described in this thread?

shambles, can I get the previous firmware for my camera’s?
The latest F/W ( messed up my nightvision to where it is virtually useless. Prior F/W worked flawlessly.


I only have the f/w for NVR model ZP-NE14-S

I received an older firmware (v43.13.1.06) for NVR model ZP-NL18 from Zmodo support yesterday.
If somebody needs it.

Personally, I’ve still got to try it.

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hello I need that file if you still have it also need to know how to install it thanks

I have 2, ZP-NL18 NVR’s and for some reason the web port video and mobile ports are grayed out I cant change them and I cant connect in IE 11 to remote view the nvr … any ideas on how to get it back and I did factory reset it 2x’s once with the reset button and once with the reset within the setup screen

Thank You Tony
It worked perfectly

Hi Shambles, can you provide me the older f/w for my zp-ne14-s PLEASE?

I’ll send it when I get back from work, in about 3 hours.

I received a ZP-NE14-S 2nd hand recently and thought I’d upgrade the firmware (before I discovered the forum!). I presume that I’ve now removed the ability to view the cameras via a web browser?

Can I downgrade the firmware again?

Yes. I can send you a download link or you can email Zmodo support for it.

Support suggested the ZViewer application which is OK but doesn’t let you change the NVR settings.

The live video quality seems lower than before as well.

Anyway I’m drifting off-topic. If you could send the firmware it would save me a lot of hassle.