Feature request - 9th panel enabled please


This may seem like a small thing but would be great if implemented in an update. Currently the 8 channel dvr has 9 channels when displayed on the monitor. However only 8 can be assigned to cameras leaving the last panel useless. For us that have say an 8 channel system and also your door bell product etc, it would be useful if we could assign that device to the 9th panel. As the system displays cameras based on ip information and not what camera is hooked up to what port this should be easy to enable the 9th panel. Thoughts?


That would require the system to be a 9 channel system. The hardware of the system would have to be changed to support a 9th channel.

The hardware of the 8 channel systems is not capable of supporting a 9th channel.


Not the hardware. The software on the nvr only. The software on the nvr displays cameras via ip address so enabling the 9th panel should allow it to do the same thing without the need for an additional port. An example is that I can use one of the 8 panels to view the doorbell which is not connected to the device.



The 8ch NVR hardware is not capable of supporting a 9th video stream.

Going from 8 to 9 channels requires a hardware change even on the systems that only support wireless cameras. It isn’t about physical ports on the back of the system. It is about the hardware on the board inside the NVR.


Ok no problem. Thanks.