Expanded view displaying blank screen


A friend of mine installed a 16 camera SPoE system in a shop. The BS-1016-B system, all hard-wired cameras. He had me come in to do the network side of things as well as trouble shoot a problem we are having. I’m not having much luck figuring out what is happening here.

The problem is expanding views of the cameras on the monitor attached to the NVR. The 32 channel live views work fine, as do the 9 channel views. The 4 channel and single camera, full screen view do not work. I get nothing but a blank screen. Same when I go to the playback menu for any camera. The system is recording, I blindly pulled a bit of video off the NVR to a USB stick, and it worked fine playing it back on a computer. The phone app seems to be fully functional as well. I can watch the cameras live and go through recordings just fine.

The NVR is connected to a brand new LG LCD 1080p TV through an HDMI cable. I tried switching the TV to 720p to see if that made a difference, but it didn’t. The NVR and cameras are all up to date as far as firmware goes. The NVR has a 4TB Western Digital purple drive installed. We even went so far as to replace the NVR, thinking that may be an issue. But obviously, it wasn’t

I’m at a complete loss here. I just have no fullscreen or 4-way splitscreen view on any of the cameras, but otherwise everything else is working perfectly fine. I’m assuming it’s something simpe and stupid I’m missing here, or at least I hope.


Are the cameras the 720p or the 1080p? Also, are the video stream settings for the NVR channels set to 720p or 1080p?

What is the NVR’s firmware?


The NVR firmware version is V45.3.0.08. The cameras are 1080p. As for the NVR channels, I don’t know. They will be set at whatever the factory setting is. I tried pulling up the manuals from the website, but all the manuals I was pointed to were for completely different interfaces than what is on this NVR. As a result, I avoided changing any settings outside of those related to the network.