Email alerts suddenly stopped

Meanwhile Zmodo’s latest Facebook post is pushing how easy it is to setup their products.

Can we mass respond to it???

UPDATE! 28/02/2016
I notice they’ve blocked us from viewing each other’s comments on their Facebook page now. I’m gonna start spamming them on Twitter and suggest we all do the same. Cheers.

Another user here with no email alerts. I initially started extending the times the alerts were active for, I thought the postman had changed his shifts or something!

I really hope a fix can be enabled, the e-mail alerts is what I rely on the most.
Have Zmodo not responded even once about this issue?

As per a post above in this thread:
Darrenmason posted this:

I received a reply from Zmodo customer service this morning. Here is the text:

"The email alerts are not currently working, the reason for this is that the SMTP requests for our systems are using older authentication methods, and the major email providers have recently updated their security settings to block these older authentication types. We are currently working on finding an effective resolution for the email alert issue, but do not currently have a resolution for the issue.

If you would like, I can add you to the list to receive an email letting you know when a resolution is available.

Zmodo Support Technician"

Meshare says device offline tonight…zsight working…

I already install an mail server (postfix) in raspberry pi 2 and i´m not using the ssl/tls autentication. The “Send test mail” is OK and i receive in raspberry user root. The log is the following:
Feb 13 12:11:36 rpi postfix/qmgr[11232]: DF74A40600:, size=495, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Feb 13 12:11:36 rpi postfix/smtpd[17595]: disconnect from MAN3.lan[]
Feb 13 12:11:37 rpi postfix/local[17848]: DF74A40600:, relay=local, delay=0.19, delays=0.14/0.03/0/0.02, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to mailbox)
Feb 13 12:11:37 rpi postfix/qmgr[11232]: DF74A40600: removed

BUT when the CCTV try to send any motion alarm the log is the following:
Feb 13 12:12:16 rpi postfix/smtpd[17595]: connect from cam2[]
Feb 13 12:12:16 rpi postfix/smtpd[17595]: lost connection after EHLO from cam2[]

And there are a lot of that emails. Maybe i have some wrong configuration of the email server. I must have more time to test with other email client.

NOTE: I´m self learning person with a friend called

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Guys, I had the same problem. Set it up with Internet Explorer. Bug fixed. Chrome doesn’t set the camera up properly probably due to better security features.

Since yesterday i have “device is offline” in meshare. :grin: But i can access from the internet the DVR. Related to he email i´m not near the DVR and i cannot make more tests.

Look at my posts…I have to turn the system completely off and turn it back on again for meshare to work again. Load zsight and use them both. Chances are 50 50 that at least one will work. I have written to meshare many times…no answer…

Just in case if someone from this Community know how to Speak Chines this is the number for Zmodo Support in China :wink:
Tech Support:
China Office: 1201 Sangda Building High Technology Park, Shenzhen, P.R.China
Tel: 86-755-33631636

And USA too.
US Office: 1401 Interstate Dr. STE A, Champaign, IL 61822
Tel: 217-903-5037
Tel service: 8:00AM CST to 8:00PM CST
Knowledge Base

PD: This problem is ridiculous they should fix it very soon. There are thousands of competitors out there waiting for these opportunities to make more sales.

Daily report…zsight works MeShare doesn’t. MeShare says device offline…it’s not

I had the same problem, but after a reboot of the DVD every program is ok.
But some weeks ago i could access the “device storage” (DVR harddisk), but then i always have the error “Query Failed”.

I’m having the same problems with my ZP-NE-14-S system. I cannot get the DVR to connect with the server. Everything has been configured properly using Gmail or Yahoo, port forwarding has been set and works properly but the DVR will not connect to the e-mail server. What might be my problem?

Zmodo is the problem…read all the posts!

Perhaps it’s time to make everyone aware of zmodo support. A friend of mine just purchased a Defender’s PRO Sentinel Security Camera System - Widescreen 8CH DVR with 2TB of Storage and 4 Surveillance 800TVL Cameras with 75ft Night Vision (21325) $299.99 USD. The picture quality, email setup, mobile app, everything WORKS GREAT! If Zmodo start losing customers, perhaps they will provide support.

Hey Papabear!
Is the Defender an SPoE system?


The email alerts have stopped working as a result of the SMTP authentication being updated on the vast majority of public email servers.

We are currently pushing for the development team to update the SMTP requests to comply with the new standards, but we do not have any estimated date on when or if that change will be available.

Currently the development team is recommending that customers use the MeShare app based alerts instead.

If you have any questions about the SMTP authentication update, or email alerts in general, I recommend calling our phone based support directly. Our development team doesn’t have an ear to the forums, so they only know about the requests we receive by phone. 217-903-5037 8am-7pm Monday-Friday

Still awaiting for the primary reason I purchased system to work. Seems like a breach in contract

Will it be soon? or 3 years from now?

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