Email alerts suddenly stopped

A couple days ago, the email alerts suddenly stopped on two different Zmodo systems (I also installed one at my mom’s). I have checked that the cameras are all working in the live mode, and if I send a test email from the Motion Alert config, it works. But no motion sensed emails.

Each system is a ZP-NE-14-S with V40.0.2.14 with 4 cameras ZP-IBT-15-S with V5.0.0.13 attached.

Both systems stopped sending emails, one a few minute after midnight, the other a couple hours later around 2:00 am Oct. 29th.

What can I do to find the problem?

Thanks for any help.



Hi mine is the same although just installed yesterday, actual notifications dont work latest pc software, test email works but when it should trigger nothing is emailed. Also schedule recording time is iffy, custom setting doesnt save, and often resets to nothing. So the issue I think is with the software.

Both devices I have work ok, other than the power cable now doesnt work but I am getting video signals to the PC ok.

Please advise tech support or anyone in the know.


exact same thing happen to mine. I use a gmail and was wondering if that was the issue. Mine happened on oct. 29th also.

Exact same issue using gmail. The system will not allow me to save an outlook email address to try that so I have no idea what to do. This had been working flawless for over a year until it just suddenly stopped.

I have a similar problem. I used Gmail for a few months and it was working great, now I am unable to setup the email functionality. I have tried 3 different accounts (2 gmail, 1 yahoo) and no luck. The accounts have been configured properly (POP and IMAP enabled, less secure apps enabled etc.) but when testing the settings I get “Test unsuccesfull. Could not connect…”. The thing is, the error message appears so quick it feels like the NVR has not actually attempted to connect to the server. I know the accounts I’m using work ok as I have tested all 3 in my Foscam IP camera and they work ok.

@manny_G_77, @dingogorillapig - does the test option work for you?

Other branded cameras are continuing to send me email notifications with no issues. I setup another outlook email address but the NVR will not accept it as a proper email address format and tried yahoo also with the same results. No notifications will send and I receive the same error message as you stated.

I don’t think this is a coincidence that we are having the same issue… Lets see how many more user are affected.

Hopefully someone from ZMODO will be able to assist us.

same issue on my Zmodo as well. stopped same date as above.
tried alternate email address, fail. some other searches say it’s gmail blocking, but tried yahoo as well, fail.

Using gmail I can get a test go through but not when it should be actually detecting, likewise, yahoo and hotmail all fail which is an annoyance I think its more software related rather than the email clients. Lets hope someone is on the case as I bought them for movement security in house.

Look forward to a positive outcome.

Heres hoping.

hello ,

me also i have a problem for sent email …

The test goes through but always comes back “test unsuccessful”

hoping they gives some answers.

Having the same problem. No emails sent on motion. Test email works fine.
Using gmail as the sending email.
Waiting on zmodo to get back…

I rely heavily on this. I created a yahoo account but that still doesn’t seem to work. I wonder if this has to do with the recent SSL patches… at any rate can somebody from zmodo comment? the support chat window is rather useless.


I have the same issue but my cameras are at V5.0.0.14.
Can I ask, has your hard drive reached full capacity?
Do you receive a “No Storage Medium!” error message when you visit the “Storage Settings” section of the Web UI?
Things seem to work nicely for my ZP-NE-14-S until the hard disk fills up. Then, even though it should overwrite the old recordings, weird faults like this email issue start happening.

Yes my drive was full and overwriting. In case that was the problem, I formatted the drive so it is all free, but still no emails.

Just wanted to say that I’ve been having this same issue as well.

Hope to hear of a solution soon.

I have emailed ZMODO ( asking them to look into the issue. Hopefully we will get an answer soon.

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I have the same issue - emails stopped working Oct 29th…

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My snapshot has quit as well. I am using gmail. Tried messing with settings and still not working. Is anyone going to respond?

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Anyone heard back from support yet? I have the same issue with 2 wireless ip cams. Was working without a hitch for the last year. Everything stopped on the 29th. I was using gmail also. Hopefully they will address this issue soon I really do not want to have to purchase another camera right now!