EMail Alert not working


Can somebody provide an e-mail provider which use older authentication methods in order to get email alerts working.
It is very important to get e-mail alerts and need e-mail provider which anyone can sign in to get an account

thank you


Wow this is SUCH good news that it works with COMCAST emails (my service provider)
adjusted my setting and it’s working JUST AS IT USED TO…Thank you patty…


I for one do not want to use a “cloud” based system for my alerts. I want to keep my security system off the internet and only send emails for alerts. I believe in privacy and cannot be sure that my video and stills won’t be made available to others, be that the government or some hacker.


are e-mail alerts working with QQmail.
has somebody tried with this provider???


What you are saying doesn’t make any sense… Email is sent over the internet through email servers, and emails are generally stored remotely on a 3rd party public email servers, and you access email over your internet connection.


Actually it does make sense if you think about it. I don’t want my cameras attached and visible to the internet. The cloud based service has access to the cameras. I can encrypt email to prevent snooping but I can’t encrypt the camera stream. I also control who has access to my email and home network but the cloud is available to everyone. I have a distrust of government agencies and would rather not provide another tool for the surveillance infrastructure.


I don’t think that you understand the cloud component… additionally, cloud recording is not yet available. At this point, the systems do not connect to the “cloud”.

Currently the systems work through a P2P server. This acts as a connection point for the 2 client devices, but the video stream sends from 1 device to another after the server allows them to make the connection. The video stream does not travel through the server.


The P2P server allows two systems to establish communication, I get that. However, the DVR must be advertising availability via the P2P server which makes the stream available on the internet. I have no problem receiving an alert that the system detected movement on a specific camera. No video stream is exposed.


If you are concerned about this, I would recommend against using any Zmodo product. Any time that any of our products are connected to an internet connection, the P2P connection request will be broadcast to the server.

There is not a way to disable this, it is considered to be a primary function of the system, as it allows for remote viewing.


You may not be able to disable it, but you can block it at your home router, which is what I have done.


In order to disable it, and still receive a motion email on those servers that do allow them, you would generally need to implement a white-list only policy for outbound traffic on the router, and only allow the specified email service port to send the outbound traffic.

Using a blacklisting policy for specified ports or traffic will be problematic as the system randomizes the used ports when factory reset.


When you use the software “xeoma” and setup the zmodo camera…email alerts with gmail, hotmail, yahoo…they work on motion and send pictures by email…

Zmodo fix your software to work.


So I spent the day debugging this, and found out what is going on, I did this by building my own SMTP Server at home, then pointing the Camera at it, and watching what happens, so here it is …

When you press “Test Settings” the test is done by the Client Software … NOT the camera itself, therefore the behaviour does not have to be the same, and in fact it is not the same, the Client Software does not care if authentication is enabled, and seems to handle multiple authentication models.

The Camera software always uses Basic Authentication, this is where everything goes wrong, it does not support Anonymous, or any more sophisticated authentication model. If the Authentication model is not basic, the Camera connects to the Server, then immediately disconnects.

To make this work, I then have to use my SMTP Server as a relay, which redirects the email to my destination, which I have done, and now after all of this time, I am receiving emails with the image attached.

This is a problem with zmodo, and would need a more sophisticated EMAIL client to work … this should not be difficult, and I am very disappointed at zmodo’s lack of initiative, to fix a relatively simple problem!!


Hi arrons1969

I am also very upset with my zmodo Ip camera because one of the main features like e-mail alerts are not working.
At this moment my camera is useless and I can not protect my home and business.
Can you give me please more information’s and instructions how you fixed the problem???

thank you in advance


Can anyone recommend any third party software? I need an email alert to trigger lighting when motion is detected on ifttt



Camera is completely useless for me without email alerts.
I used so many hours to troubleshoot and have talked back and forward with support for months now :frowning:
At least Patty seem competent and know what he is talking about compared to other collegues that just gives a copy/paste standard reply. However I don’t understand how a solution can take that long or at least a final official statement.

I have come to the point where I see replacement with a working camera or refund as the only possibility.
However this is the best thread on the subject of the whole web.

If you can have a computer on all the time then a work-around is to use the 3rd party software called Xeoma as suggested by cv123.

I can add that it is free for up to 8 cameraes if you sign up to their newsletter. It even has more customisations than Zmodo software like for instance how many pictures you want to attach. However downside is that it acts as a server, so you need to have it online to send the emails.


Does this method still work? If so, I’m thinking about created a SMTP server as a realy also. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ok i was unaware of the email issue. I have 4 of these systems 2 are mine 2 are friends. I just set mine up in my new residance and got the email to work after much monkying around. I hadnt needed it for the past 2 years. Let say a system that cant email you the snap shot is a liability. I can break in steel the system and what ever elae i want, then you have no evidence to catch me. Im not sure i want to post how i did it because i dont want to have what i did shut down as well with a flood of new email users in thier free service. But it is possible. I get snap shots via yahoo and another service. But they arent sent from a gmail or yahoo address.


I may post my email snapshot fix on face book with the request of a 5 dollar donation to my daughters education. I am a single dad with very little money working in the service industry and she graduates high school this July. So every little bit helps to try and give her the college education i never had an opportunity at. Who all would be interested in the work around. Mine still works and no reason to believe it would ever stop working.


I would happily pay $5 for this.