EMail Alert not working


I was told there was a hardware/software compatibility issue and if it could be done at all it would cost Zmodo a lot of money. I would not hold your breath.

Look around on for reviews on this company. They’re horrible in comparison to some of the vendors who sell competing systems.


The issue is not related to hardware at all. The alerts still work across servers with the older authentication methods.


And to get them to work with newer authentication methods requires you to obtain services from your hardware vendor who may not even be able to provide you with the software needed. Say what you want… my source is reliable.


Your source is outdated. We stopped using OEM products in 2013. The last OEM series being the ZMD-DD-SBN4/8 and ZMD-DC-SBN6.

For all of the products using the Zsight/MeShare/Zmodo branded apps, there is no hardware vendor, it is produced by Zmodo.

We produce the hardware, the fix would require our development team to write an update to the firmware.


If it was that easy it would be done. There are obstacles (hardware/vendor related) you can’t overcome easily if at all.

You say I’m incorrect? If that’s the case in the same sentence you are telling your customers who have spent hundreds of dollars to screw themselves. That’s disgusting since you’re clearly implying it’s an easy fix… Lovely…

Either way you’re lying or telling your customers they aren’t worth anything to Zmodo. Lame!


Currently the push is to use the app based alerts instead of the email alerts. That is why a fix has yet to be implemented.


But that’s not what your paying customers want. They want what they paid for. Any company worth their salt would provide a fix for the customers who have already paid. Unless of course that fix was not easily obtainable, or obtainable at all.



100% agree!


Sorry but I do not have the Impression to be a honoured customer when I have to beg for having my system which I have paid for getting fixed.



I am not disagreeing with you. I would also like to see the fix for the email alerts implemented on the systems.


Can we increase the number/interval of alerts to/from the app to corrispond with the email alerts?

The best parts of the email alert feature is
an OFF SITE back up of the pictures (what if my house is broken into, and they take the dvr? Now I have only 1 pic of the perp, and it may not even be a good one. The high rate of pics/alerts via emails captured everytime the “motion area block” was violated is really a great back up in this case.

Having more than 1 picture of a person really helps identify them. If a bird trips my motion, an I get an alert on my phone…that area won’t activate for another 15min or so an anything/anyone who trips the motion with in that window will not be seen and is a back door/vulnerability of the app/zmodo/meshare.


What a crazy decision - to remove the email alarm feature. Not everyone has a portable android/iOS device.

Talking from exerpeince, a friend asked me to help set up his new “zmodo secruity camera”, but he only has a windows phone and laptop. I looked online and saw his camera supported email alerts, so atleast i could get alarms coming to his phone/email. Now i’ve discovered why I couldn’t get alarms sending through (after 3hours troubleshooting)

Could anyone share some more information on the working smtp secruity authentication protocol? Though i’ve never known any secruity software (old firmware and new) to not send out smtp alarms. Mind boggled.

Zmodo needs to put out an announcement ASAP weather they’re going to remove email alerts feature or fix their firmware, which wouldn’t take more than a week inc testing.

But thank you @Patty for standing in the line of fire. Your honesty is appreciated.


Push is not working great either, zsight on iOS keep having to login when I get unknown error upon getting the alarms, Same issue with wifi and 3G


e-mail notification alerts through yandex has stopped working also
any solution???


According Zmodo the alerts still work across servers with the older authentication methods.
Please can somebody inform us which e-mail provider we can use with the older authentication methods?

thank you


Most email providers have updated their authentication methods to the newer standards for security reasons.

We don’t have a list of servers that use the older standards. email accounts will still send though if you use port 587 and have SSL turned off. This is a less secure method for sending an email.


FWIW, also allows non-SSL with port 587. However, only one in 20 alerts include the screenshot. This appears to be a problem with optimum and I am working on it with their tech people. I get the alerts but the pictures are truncated to 1k.


Optimum called me today and stated the reason I wasn’t getting pictures along with the emails, even on the non-SSL 587 port is because the email structure is not RFC compliant.
What happens is the email picture gets truncated from about 60k-80k down to 1k. So for me the issue is not so much having to be SSL compliant but rather the email itself, or so it appears.

If in their webmail view in a browser I click on one of the pictures, I get the following error.

HTTP Status 500 - BASE64Decoder: Error in encoded stream: needed 4 valid base64 characters but only got 2 before EOF, the 10 most recent characters were: "PsJdJjuL\r\n"type Status reportmessage BASE64Decoder: Error in encoded stream: needed 4 valid base64 characters but only got 2 before EOF, the 10 most recent characters were: "PsJdJjuL\r\n"description The server encountered an internal error (BASE64Decoder: Error in encoded stream: needed 4 valid base64 characters but only got 2 before EOF, the 10 most recent characters were: “PsJdJjuL\r\n”) that prevented it from fulfilling this request. Apache Tomcat/6.0.24

I keep hoping to get this working because I’ve had no luck getting alerts to work any other way.



If any of you have Bright House (Roadrunner) you can get your email alerts working again. Simply use these settings:

Receive Address can be anything, including gmail
Send Address will be your bright house email
Bright house email password
Server is
Turn off SSL/TLS
Use port 587


How we can get e-mail account in bright house email???



Generally Brighthouse would have to be your internet provider.

As indicated above, Comcast also works if you have them as your internet provider.

Optimum email accounts will send the email, but the picture doesn’t make it through.