EMail Alert not working


Done. I also asked a little more about the setup. thanks.


MAIL FROM is a portion of the SMTP request. The entire communication is an SMTP request.

The change that Google made is in the MAIL FROM portion of the SMTP request authentication requirements.

The portion of our request that does not meet their authentication requirements is in the MAIL FROM portion of the SMTP request.

I’m not sure where what you are saying is different from what I have been saying.



Please read carefully, I will try to use your notation to explain what I mean.

As you stated the SMTP requests consists of several portions. I’ll use the following short description as a reference ( ).

  1. Open connection
  2. Send EHLO
  3. Send AUTH LOGIN to start authentication process
  4. Send User name (Base64 encoded)
  5. Send Password (Base64 encoded)
  6. Send Mail From - Sender Address
  7. Send RCPT To - Recipeint Adresses
  8. Send Data - email itself
  9. Commit Mail and Quit

So, what google changed is affecting step 6. At that step they’re expecting an existing mail address - if it’s not delivered the mail is refused. BUT, at least for me, the issue that I see already occurs in step 4 and step 5. In step 4 the NVR doesn’t send the complete user name, in step 5 the base64 encoded password is truncated at approx. 14 characters. Both take place BEFORE the Mail From verification, so it has absolutely nothing to do with it!!

Again, what I checked through dumping the mail communication is that in step 4 you’re taking the data which are entered in the mail from field of the mail setup and truncatiung everything including and behind the @-sign. So will result in patty which you will encode via base 64 as send over as a user name. This is not sufficient as most mail provider (including google) require the complete mail address there as well.

Single providers are working with unique IDs instead of real names. They will ensure that this name is unique through all domains they’re hosting (or they’re just hosting one single domain)., which was named a while ago is one of those. They say:

> 9.Under Logon Information, enter: ◦User Name: Enter your Optimum ID. (Your Optimum ID is the part of your e-mail address to the left of the "@" sign, for example: jsmith.)

In comparison, this is what google requires:

> Your full Gmail or Google Apps email address required for authentication 

So truncating the user name might work for single providers but is not a general solution. So pleas read my posts from before how to solve.



Yes, we already know why the SMTP request is failing.
We also know what the development team would need to change to fix it.
This is not new information.


so patty…is the “email/snapshot” feature going to be returned to us the user at some time or is it gone forever ? this will impact my customers/friends/family as well as future sales/installs…


The discussion on whether or not there will be a fix for the Email alerts implemented through a future firmware update is still ongoing. An official decision has not yet been made.


when i contacted zmodo via twitter, they said they are phasing out email alerts and we should just use the app to view alerts.
My problem with this is, what happens when your server goes down? I used to also get far more email alerts than app alerts, I don’t know why but the app doesn’t log half as many movements as the email system did.
why don’t you just open up your software so that someone who has the ability can fix this, as your development team clearly can’t.


Unfortunately that idea has already been rejected previously.


Well said. I 100% agree! I’m afraid I can’t recommend this product to others until that key feature is fixed.



please give us an estimation for a time frame until when this will be decided.

I’m afraid I’ll have to agree to @louski - the behaviour of the zmodo support is quiet unacceptable. As soon you will officially drop email support I will return my unit as defective to Amazon.

Because of the really bad response/resolution time and the partilly wrong answers the support is giving to customers I will publish a detailed, one star review with a clear warning until this issue is completely solved.

I will inform Amazon as well as you’re selling defective systems - while you’re fully aware of that since months - promoting non functional features which is clearly against european law.

Sorry, but this is not acceptable at all.




my review at, I will chnage it according to Zmodos decissions and progress on this case:



If you plan to return the product once the decision is made, I would recommend returning it now. It may be that the decision takes long enough that you fall outside of the allowable window for returns based on the seller’s policies.


Why won’t they fix it? Every other brand of ip cam supports this basic functionality. It defies belief that zmodo choose to ignore their own customers. Thanks.


Currently the focus is on the app based alerts, and the discussion is ongoing as to whether or not the email alerts will be supported alongside the app based alerts, or if it will only be the app based alerts which are supported moving forward.


the offical zmodo twitter feed has already told me twice they won’t support email alerts. WHY NOT? Even my old dlink and foscam cameras have no issue sending gmail alerts. It’s a basic function of a an IP cam.


Please see my response above.


i can understand the focus on the APP more than Email.
can we Then INCREASE the amounts of the “ALERTS”
when motion is detected? to match the Frequency that the email alert
provided?..I would like an Alert/picture every time of my “sensor blocks”
was Violated with motion…This allows for more chances at getting a good/better
description/look at people, with hoods or hats



I understand you may have stopped email alert on your system but video loss in NVR systems only works on email alert and is not on Zsight?
I hope you have a solution for video loss notifications.


Zmodo is likely unable to fix the email problem. It’s a hardware issue.


patty has stated that it’s a software/server change, that’s why it worked for everyone…then STOPPED for everyone’s equipment already installed.