DVR-9104UH Default Username/Password

DVR-9104UH Default Username/Password

Have acquired the above model, but the software resembles that of the 9000 series, with the initial vertical menu window… Clicking on the “Menu” brings up the username/password window. Have reset the main board (DM-70D) and need the default password.

Update: I finally discovered the default password for this unit. Won’t post it!

It’s relative to:
Device Type: DVR04B
Hardware: DM70D/79B
Firmware: V1.9-20110321

The bottom sticker numbers are:

Model: D9104BH

But, the software is not of the 9100 series, but the 9004. Also noted that there is no “main” manual for the 9000 series on the Zmodo website, but I have one in .pdf.

The default password would be appreciated. Would you kindly advise?

Much appreciated Shihan Leader. The former was successful.
It may be of interest to those watching this thread to know that numerous direct emails to Zmodo technical help resulted in no reply. Online help at Zmodo provided passwords & information that was irrelevant or incorrect.
If it wasn’t for the hard work done by this kind benefactor I would be thowing the DVR out.
In future I will be purchasing an alternative brand.

Being in the video surveillance business, I have found that many owners of DVR’s tend to forget the password(s). Sometimes I can help and sometimes not. I have received anonymous requests for password help and ignore those. Won’t help a “crook”! Glad that I was able to help in this case. I am going to delete my post to remove the password resets, so that they won’t be used in a fraudulent way.

Very thoughtful of you. No shortage of crooks about.
With regard to your mention of a PDF user manual, is it specific to this particular model? If so I could do with a copy. I have been using a manual for another model DVR which gives a different method of navigation.

Are none of the following manuals, similar to yours?

There are manual versions that are not listed there.

Thank you Shihan.
I have a D9104BH & there doesn’t seem to be a model specific manual anywhere.

Is this the manual that you are trying to use?

Yes, that is the generic instruction manual.

If it is and isn’t the right one, then I believe that I have the manual (even though the picture is wrong) for your model. The reason that I think that I have the right one is, that I have the same model in my used stock and put the software manual on a DVD included with it.

Just to confirm, I have some questions in regard to your login window.
(1) Is it grey?
(2) Says “USER LOGIN” at the top in black text?
The below in white text;
(3) DEVICE ID: 000000 (000010)
(4) USER NAME: admin
(6) APPLY at the bottom center in an orange block
(7) EXIT to the right of APPLY

Also, does in your Main Menu, the DEVICES icon have an orange handled wrench?

Looks like I’m going to fail in your case. What does your main menu look like?

I’ve blown the 12v power supply & I’m waiting for a replacement. Will report back when it arrives & I then have a screen photo to send.
Thank you for your conscientious assistance in getting this far.