Door Bell Issues


So I installed the Greet a few months ago. It worked fine. No issues.
Now, for some reason, it no longer sends a signal to the chime in the house.
It only sends notifications to our phones. So if you don’t happen to have your phone on you, we don’t know someone is actually at the door.


likely the battery on the power accessory died.

Remove the accessory completely. If you hear no buzzing, leave it off.

If you do hear buzzing, check the voltage output on the transformer. If it is within 3 volts of the chime’s input requirement, request an RMA for a new power accessory.

If it is more than 3 volts off from the Chime’s input requirement, resolve the power issue.


Well I didn’t hear any buzzing coming from the unit.
I disconnected even disconnect the adapter it came with, that is wired into the manual chime.
Still not able to ring the manual chime, like it did when it was first installed.


What was the voltage?