DISGUSTED. Nothing works. ALL BLUE, but nothing

I have had these cameras for over a year and suddenly they are terrible. ZMODO service is awful. Every camera is solid blue and yet of 13 cameras, I have 4 online. The others are in/out. No rhyme or reason. They connect and they drop. I get alerts, but then it shows “offline.” I am connecting properly. I reset to green and they connect blue, but show offline. The whole system is junk. It once worked. I call and get no answer. No call backs. Live Chat is a joke. They know little to nothing and tell me to return them. Great answer. What a waste of money. If anyone here knows how to RESET all the outdoor cameras to a virgin state with no reset button on the camera that would be great before I smash them with a hammer. Thanks!

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WiFi cams??

Probably weak WiFi signal at the install point.

I have download speeds of over 100mb/sec


That has absolutely ZERO to do with signal strength.

WiFi cam not working means weak wifi signal at the install point.

I am getting that speed AT THE INSTALL POINT

As I said that means NOTHING.
Speed does not equal strength.

You could be getting 100Gbps at the install point, and if your signal is weak you’ll still be dropping packets all over the place which would explain the offline cams still sending alerts.

Well, I get it. But, when you only stream Roku and DirectvNow in the same rooms and the signal bars are full and a 4K TV never looses signal for any show then I would assume the strength is good…especially with 2 Extenders.

Use a signal strength testing app on your phone instead of a speed testing app, but make sure that the phone is touching the cam at the time, because a couple of inches can make a difference.

Post a screenshot of the STRENGTH testing app

thanks! i will try tonight.

If you have 2 extenders, either you already know your signal is bad, or you got them for funsies? Which could mean that you are killing your signal strength with interference.

Same room doesn’t mean same strength, cams likely aren’t sitting on your TV

I have a 1930 home with all metal lath so yes, I am living in a wifi nightmare. BUT, it all worked 100% for almost a year. Therefore, something changed.

If you wanna reset them to default state, email support and ask for zbatch

Check your router if it can handle the load of 13 cameras for wireless. I used to have a router that would drop the connection on the cameras, when I updated my router to a better one with 3 antennas the problem dissappeared. I bought an extender as I had a camera that was far and had weak signal but with the booster everything went to normal.

I have issues with my zp-ibh15-w , 4 is working 1 is not .
it connected to my network, cameras light is blue. but I wont able to add new device on the app or pc. after try to work around .Now I am able to see on my pc and on the app… let me know If this your issues