"Device offline" when internet connection is working

I’m having problems with my Wired NVR, It’s got the newest version, the model is ZM-SS78D9D8-S-1TB or zp-nj18-s.

My internet router recently died, but has been replaced and has been working great, the cameras are hooked up correctly, but continue to display device offline when trying to connect from the app or pc veiw.

I’ve restarted the system since replacement of the router, with no luck, had this issue before, no solution, besides being told to reboot, which hasn’t solved it, or has fixed it for a few days at best.

I had the same issue after replacing my router. I fixed the issue by removing the device from my app and then adding it back. You will have to go through the set up process just like it is a new device. If the name of your router SSID changed, make sure that you type the new name into your app exactly as it is on the router or whatever you named it. This worked for me, so I hope it works for you. Good Luck!