Device Offline when I am away for viewing

Why are the cameras keep getting offline?

When I am at home, no problems seeing the video but when I am away all the devices are offline.
What the fix?

I tried rebooting router, change and refresh the dns…

so what the deal?

have you done port forwarding on your modem?

WTF is that?

All I know is that it was working find and then device offline

your modem may have changed it ports and now you can’t see the cameras. i can’t teach you how to forward the ports as there just are to many modems but enter your modem name into a search and use the terms port forwarding for your modem and see what youtubes show. if your going to use cameras you have to learn how they work or pay someone to show you. i had to learn and i still have to ask. good luck.

plus your going to have to enter a bit more info. it is like asking you to tell me what is wrong with my car yesterday i drove to work today i gas up and now it will not run. the group can’t help with out much to go on.

so i started with port forwarding. or go into your dvr settings and see if they changed. that is the best i can do with what you put in.