Date and Timestamp gone after firmware update

I have four Zmodo ZM-W0002-4 720P HD Wireless Bullet IP Camera with Night Vision connected to the NVR. They came as part of a kit with NVR:

They shipped with firmware version V8.0.1.42.
After updating to firmware version V8.0.1.46, the date and time stamps are gone from the live video and recordings.

Is there a setting to enable again on the live and recorded video playback?

On the NVR settings, it does show Channel Tme as enabled.


Can you send me a screen shot of this.

Here is the picture as seen on the NVR TV output before and after firmware update.

You see the date stamp is missing from the upper right in the after photo. I can enable the channel label from the NVR menu but time date stamp does not show.

The only way to see the time is using the Zmodo app but the recorded video does not have the actual time like the before photo.

Before firmware update (date is shown in upper right)
After firmware update (date is missing)

@ScarletSpeedster Any ideas on how to get the channel time back on the recorded video like in the first image?

The only way to see the time is through playback in the app but when I export the video to a file, there is no channel time.

Any one else have this issue and find a way to resolve this?
It is really frustrating that the recorded video no longer has the channel time.

Same issue here and no way to revert to old firmware that I can see

Same crap - different cameras.
Have two cams here - both ZP-IBH15-W.
One is on firmware and the date/timestamp is present.
One upgraded to latest ( and the date/timestamp is no longer there.

It’s probably just very sloppy programming QA or production testing on Zmodo’s part. Stuff like this should never occur with a properly tested and QA’d firmware releases.

I have the same issue!!!

Any news from @ScarletSpeedster

If you expect them to fix their own created issues you have come to the wrong brand.
3 months, no update, no reply, nothing. Welcome to Zmodo!

I just updated the firmware on my four Zmodo ZM-W0002-4 720P HD Wireless Bullet IP Camera with Night Vision to version V8.0.1.62 and the date/time stamp display has finally been restored!

Thank you, Zmodo support.