Convert .264 to anything useful


I’m sure nothing will come of this, but is there any newer software that can actually convert the .264 files on the Zmodo units (mine is the SPoE wired version) into a format a regular desktop computer can utilize?

I had a window broken recently on my house. I was out of town and it’s not really feasible to watch through a solid week of video across two different cameras. The native video browser is too slow (good 2-second lag every time it detects motion) and can only do up to what it claims is 8x.

I’ve downloaded every poorly-translated piece of software I can find, including AVIGenerator, NetDVR, Video Player Watermark, Playback ZMODO v5, General Player, ZPlayer… nothing can convert the damn files.

Trying to convert the file manually on the unit is a pain, since you can only select up to 10 recordings at a time. Thanks to a flag on my house, there may be upwards of 300 recordings per day.

I don’t understand how such a basic function can be so impossible to actually perform. How is there no working system in place for getting a useful AVI file on computers without manually converting each file on the machine?


Please post a picture of the main menu on your system. It will let me know what software will work with the system.


It’s the Zmodo zp-ne14-s. The support page says to use Avigenerator but it doesn’t do anything on Windows 10 x64


The ZP-NE14-S converts the file when you back it up through the system. Depending on the firmware revision it will convert it to either .MP4 or .AVI


As I mentioned before, a flag waving around in view means the camera detected motion hundreds of times per day. Backing the files up through the unit itself will take literally days because you can only select 10 timestamps at a time to backup, each maybe 30 seconds to a few minutes long.

The entire problem I have is I don’t know when I should be looking since the window itself isn’t actually visible from the camera, so I can’t tell when it broke over a given time period.

Apparently newer (2015) versions have a “make clip” option which would be useful, but my unit lacks that feature.


@ahanix1989 so your issue then has nothing to do with converting the video??

Are you trying to pull video directly off of the hard drive without going through the NVR interface? That won’t work.

Is the window in question actually visible on the camera image? If yes, begin playing at the beginning of the time you were gone, check the window, then double click on 6 hours later, check again if the window is broken. Once you see the window is broken, jump back 3 hours, and see if it was already broken then, and move an hour towards the window breaking.


My apologies,

Yes, I had ripped the .264 files straight off the hard drive. I had played around with the files a bit and was hoping they were simply missing their wrapper. I tried comparing the raw .264 file to the unit-converted .mp4 file to see the if I could copy a generic mp4 wrapper from a preconverted video onto the rest of the raw files.

From what I could see, the similarities between the .264 and .mp4 start at offset 800 on the .264 and 393 on the .mp4, with the first matching hex values being D3 18 B3 for the given video I was testing. I had hoped copying everything prior on the mp4 and overwriting everything prior on the 264 would give me a working solution.

It seems odd that the unit can ‘convert’ the files so fast, I believe it’s simply adding the mp4 wrapper to each file and copying them over. It would make sense, for a given number of videos you’d save a few hundred megabytes by storing them wrapper-less then adding a generic wrapper when the user wants to back it up. I was just hoping for a way to do it manually or a tool that could do it for me.

The video itself is not visible from the camera. I’m only watching motions and I’m concerned the camera is too imprecise with detecting motion; it considered the police officer walking down my driveway to be motion, but walking back up in the exact same spot a few minutes later was not considered motion.

ZPlayer will ‘load’ the .264 file but just display a grey screen. The scrubber bar moves for the correct time (i.e., if it’s a 5-minute video, it takes the bar 5 minutes to move across the window).


You are correct, the system is simply adding a wrapper.
The video on the drive is in a proprietary h.264 format, so the MP4 wrapper also has to be proprietary.

We have had a number of individuals who indicate that they specialize in data recovery attempt to pull files directly off of the drive, but none have been successful without the NVR.