Confused Camera

I have a single white camera, model ZP-IBI15-W that I purchased some time ago. When I view Live, no matter what device I use (phone, tablet, computer), the image is upside down. How do I get it back right-side up? It’s hard to view that way.

If I hold the camera upside-down, it works just fine but I want it to sit upright.

Any help is appreciated.

OOps… the confusion was not with the camera, but rather it was the owner - me! I found it in the setup menu and now my image is right-side up.

I am confused on another issue though. I do not have cloud service so where are the images saved when motion is detected?

Click on events in the app and you will find the motion clips. They are stored in the cloud for about 72 hours then automatically deleted

36hs, not 72 as far as I remember