Cannot monitor four different cameras at the same time

cannot monitor four different cameras at the same time, when i change chanels it changes all four sections of the display to the same channell. It seems as if the previous section of the display never gets de-selected

What is the DVR SKU# or model#? What are you viewing the DVR on (phone, monitor, computer?)?

The DVR is the Zmodo H.264 Network DVR sku H8006 UV. In the past I had been viewing it only on a PC type monitor connected directly to the DVR. I had no problems doing this way, and have had it for several years. Recently I set it up so it can also be viewed over the internet with pc or android cell phone via the Zviewer app. Now it seems as if it keeps the hard drive full and has to reboot often, If I disconnect the Dvr from the modem it goes back to working great again, Thanks in advance.

the Dvr is SKU H8006 Uv. I saw on the internet that you could select up to 4 cameras or channels to view, Am I doing something wrong?

That system is rather old (7years?), you might try reformatting the HDD, or possibly replacing it.

It existed long before the Zviewer app was developed. The initial app that was used for that system is Meye. You might try that app, although it has been long enough that I do not recall if that system supports multi-channel remote views.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.