Cannot add new camera to existing Meshare account

I have the Meshare app on my iphone 4 with a mini wifi camera set up on it. The model number is ZH-IXY1D. I have just bought another camera similar to the first but slightly larger - model number ZH-IXB1D. I cannot add it to the existing Meshare account ( I think possibly that the iphone should be a newer version). However I have set up another Meshare account on an android tablet and have been able to add the second camera. I want both cameras to be able to be seen on my phone. Apart from buying a new phone is there a way of doing this. Would installing the newest version of the Meshare app on my phone make a difference? I don’t really want to try it before asking the community in case everything gets messed up. I’m not very good with this sort of thing.

Delete the camera from the second account that you created, and you will then be able to add it to the first account.

Ok thanks will try that tomorrow.

Hello again

I can’t find out how to delete the camera from the second account. It’s on an android tablet on the meshare app. I’ve found an instruction that says enter edit devices from the right hand corner of the app and delete it. I can only find where it says +.

Can you help please

In the meshare app select the camera you want to delete, then select device settings. There will be 3 dots in the upper right corner, click those, and then click remove device at the bottom.

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Thanks very much. I’ve now deleted the camera on the android tablet and added it to my phone.