Can Wireless System also use wired Cameras

I’m looking at a ZM-KW2007-500GB eight channels and 4 wireless cameras.
Can I also hook wired zmodo cameras to this unit?
If not can you recommend a model that will work with both wired and wireless
Thanks for any help!
olf20 / Bob

Bump! Anyone have any info???
olf20 / Bob

The wired models will certainly work with the wireless cameras, as that is the setup I have now, and I have a friend that uses a single wireless camera with her otherwise wired Zmodo setup.

I expect the other way around would work as well, although if you have sPoE cameras, there would be the issue of powering them.

I had originally purchased 4 wireless cameras, but when I went shopping for a NVR, it turned out to be less expensive to buy a complete system with 4 wired cameras than the to purchase the wireless NVR alone. (The former seemed to regularly pop up on sale at Amazon at the time, while the latter never seemed to budge from the regular price).

Thanks you for clarifying that. So my best bet is to look for a system
with wired cameras, and get some wireless cameras to fill my need.
What model of recorder do you have?
Thanks for your reply and help.
olf20 / Bob


You want to look at a system like this it comes with 4 wired cameras and a 8 channel repeater. So you can add wireless or wired cameras.